Smart Planning for an Edible Garden

Get the relationships right between elements in your garden to maximise efficiency and abundance, writes Bena Denton, my colleague and fellow permie...

I love gardening. Even more, I enjoy the satisfaction of surveying a lush, productive landscape… maybe even more than eating the produce! … Until my fresh basil goes onto our pizza, or I look down at my plate and see that this evening everything is from our garden - that’s the ultimate!

"Origins" documentary free online premiere

Why we need Permaculture in our lives in 100 minutes! is allowing free viewing of their new feature length documentary "origins" until November 22nd (probably some time on the 23rd in New Zealand).

With a strong grounding in science, the film studies the effect of our increasingly toxic world and nutrient-deficient food on our wellness and on the human brain, and offers the solutions of returning to real food, meditiation, and re-engaging with nature.

Kai - "The Wikipedia of NZ Edibles"

I just discovered a new online knowledge base about food plants which can be grown in Aotearoa/ NZ. The entries are licensed under a CC-BY-SA license (CreativeCommons-Attribution-ShareAlike), the same license used by,, and This license allow anyone to share copies of the information, even sell copies, as long as they give credit to the original sources. Also, anyone can incorporate parts of the information into new works, as long as they release the resulting work under the same CC-BY-SA license.

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