Strengthening Communities - with US speaker Stephanie Rearick, Stop by on your way to the conference: time banking - saving pools

Time Banking and Saving Pools: Informative, interactive session followed by a shared meal

Friday 21st April, 6 pm
at the Auckland Horticultural Society, 990 Great North Road
Suggested Koha $10 cash at the door

Our journey to sustainability

Over the years my wife and I worked at our jobs and we were leading a generic, yet pleasant New Zealander life, until recently when she was laid off and decided to try her luck in homesteading and gardening, since we've got a nice piece of land. The land itself stood unused for years and she felt that it was time to put the dirt to good use. From time to time I'd hear about permaculture and self sufficient farms, never really grasping the idea that one day I myself might work on one or to be more precise live on one.

Whanganui property included in David Holmgren's RetroSuburbia Project

We are honoured to be included in Holmgren's new project: RetroSuburbia. See the link to the case study below.

His new book series will hopefully have a positive impact on suburbanites around the world.


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