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Permaculture Council 2020-2021


Clare Wimmer


3rd year on Council


Being of service to the Permaculture community, I have kept the books, acted as treasurer and recently co-Chair this past year supporting David Hursthouse. Organisational development, progressing business systems within a regenerative model and facilitative leadership motivates me, especially within a dynamic and diverse team.

I work part-time as business manager for CLIMsystems, a global leader in climate change software and consultancy collaborating with scientists to provide support for climate change adaptation and risk assessments to the UNDP, UNEP, LDC countries and a variety of other clients. Other times I work with my husband at Wimmer Design, a family business designing & building tiny homes and farm La Finca Permaculture Property with support from interns. As a studio potter, I have fun sharing the clay experience with others through workshops.

When immigrating to Aotearoa, I was fortunate enough to be welcomed into a Permaculture whanau within the Whaingaroa Community. Completing my PDC through Hamilton Permaculture in 2015, Teacher Training in 2016 and collaborating on the PiNZ Permaculture Educational Hui enriched those wider national connections. Recently, Kai Oranga Level 4 has provided me with further insight into sustainability, food sovereignty and regenerative practices from a Maori worldview.




Since arriving back in NZ at the start of 2017 with our then 3-month-old baby, my husband Randall and I have been working hard to turn our 6-acre treeless paddock into a diverse small farm that can provide for many of our needs.

Thankfully many of the things that bring me joy link directly back to living off the land including growing plants, gardening, raising and caring for animals, cooking and preserving food, making soap and helping others by both sharing my knowledge to support their upskilling and the provision of kai.  

I am also grateful to be able to educate our son, right from the start of his life, in the variety of activities day to day life on the farm provides. We have now planted over 2000 trees and there will be many more to come. While we raise cattle for meat and milk, rabbits and pigs for meat, and chickens for meat and eggs all of these animals are integrated on the farm so that we can gain as many benefits as possible from their natural behaviour. Having a house cow requires dedication and time but is also very rewarding as the milk provides for us, and at times pigs, and then the cheese I make is shared with friends and family. Because we are very focused on making use of every part of each animal we raise to consume, I use the beef tallow to make soap.  I sell some and also give a lot to our local food pantry to give away to those in need.

Sadly last year the charity I worked for closed due to the current environment and the big 10,000 people events I did all the communications for have gone too.  
However, I continue to manage the Marton Community Garden, which is where the charity's office was located, providing free kai to the community, building community, hosting workshops and education sessions.
This year, in addition to continuing my training to become a psychologist, I am taking on a new and exciting role tutoring Ahumāra (horticulture) for my local iwi, Te Rūnanga o Ngā Wairiki Ngāti Apa, providing an opportunity to blend permaculture with the traditional learning material.  While ākonga will not leave with a Permaculture Design Certificate, I will have the opportunity to cover a huge amount of topics to expand their learning and hopefully encourage students to engage further with permaculture.
In addition, I am also working on having the course name and modules officially listed in both English and te Reo, undertaking training in line with maramataka, and facilitating opportunities for guests to share mātauranga Māori.
Finally, having worked alongside PiNZ and an amazing team for the past 2 years trying to bring the National Permaculture Hui to fruition in Whanganui, I am looking forward to seeing how we can facilitate even greater engagement with all of the amazing people involved in permaculture across the country, and how we can support them in expanding our network further.


 Fiona Moorhouse

1st year on Council


Georgianne Crawford


1st year on Council





I have been entwined with Permaculture since 2002 and experienced a diversity of initiatives around the world before landing in Aotearoa in 2009.

One of the main reasons I am living in NZ is through becoming involved in a conscious earth-friendly festival in Golden Bay. I met a community of like-minded/ spirited people that grounded me to a place of being, a sense of purpose that had benefits for a greater good and a place I could call home. I have now been involved with them for 10 summers.

For the last 8 years, I have been based in Canterbury and have taken on several roles within the community. Director, Shop & Business Manager for Harbour Co-op, part of Christchurch Food Forest Collective, on the steering group for Food Resilience Network in Christchurch, Permaculture Designer & Consulting for the Otakaro Orchard/ FRN Hub.  From this work, I saw the need for hands-on, community-based learning to share knowledge & skills that could aid in the transformation of communities & food security within our region post earthquakes.

I have been part of the PiNZ community since 2014, and was part of the 2015 National hui team in  Christchurch, from that a desire to have a permaculture presence led to the development of Canterbury Permaculture Institute which I run as an education & consultancy social enterprise business. I am currently involved with a number of local permaculturalists, groups, projects & businesses that work along the same ethics and principles to grow resilient sovereign communities where the culture and wellbeing of people and our natural environment needs are inclusive of one another.

For PiNZ I look after website content, newsletter production, bioregional development, PEG development and hui liaison for the national annual gathering.




Lillee Star


5th year on Council 


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