Archived Content

Not all of the content from the old site has made it to the new site - it is archived so you can still view it.

  • Archived Events - All events have now been migrated, see Events

The forums will remain available indefinately but you will not be able to post to them. If there is something here that interests you, please post it to the new forums on this site.

The events and the classifieds however will only be available until August 2009 - the events are being migrated and the classifieds will be too if time allows, however both of these are time sensitive so the archives will be removed by August 2009. If you have any events or classifieds that have not been migrated to this site that you would still like displayed, please create a new event or classified on this site.

In order to create content (forums, events, blogs, classifieds) on this new site, you will need to create a user account. This is in order to help reduce spam rather than to be exclusive in any way, and a user account is free to create. Thank you for your help with this as we would all like a spam free site!