Permaculture in New Zealand's mission is to act as a national hub in promoting and empowering permaculture education, activism and advocacy in Aotearoa NZ.

Our website aims to help people interested in and practicing permaculture within Aotearoa to keep in touch and share information.

If you're new to the concept of permaculture and its strategies, the principles and ethics are a good starting point.

Open Loomio Group for the Aotearoa Permaculture Network

The Aotearoa Permaculture Network (APM) welcomes you all to participate in a new space hosted by Loomio.org, which we can use to make decisions together about the future of the APN and the services it promotes. You can join here:

PDC including Biointensive & Health!

* Outstanding food locally sourced and cooked following weston price principles, cooked on rocket stove and solar technology.
* You will learn about the principles all people based their diets on to maintain their health.
* Gain a basic intro to Biointensive growing and Nutrient dense food production.

SPRING INTERNSHIP - 10 Weeks to Set Yourself Up With a Career!

Are you looking for a way to earn a living doing something you feel passionate about, something you love doing, something that keeps you outdoors and healthy in mind body and soul? Something you can do with your family around you, something that supports the wider goal of being part of a regenerative future for all.

Hear about Leòn's experience since doing our Spring Internship: Growing Soil, Food & Health

From Farm Wastes to Edible Mushrooms - Any Tips?

An inspiring article from TED Fellow Karen Eng:

'How we can curb climate change by turning waste into gourmet mushrooms'

"Social entrepreneur Trang Tran is teaching Vietnamese farmers how to use rice straw as a substrate to grow gourmet mushrooms, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and give farmers a new source of income."

The Sacred Groves of Aotearoa - now available for download

Hello friends,

The next instalment in the permaculture practitioner journal series is now available for download here - http://piginthemud.com/content/permaculture

This journal - 'The Sacred Groves of Aotearoa' introduces permaculture ethics and principles in a practical response to the challenges we face today as a species who play a dominant role in an ecology in serious trouble.

Cheers and all the best

Russia's Small-Scale Organic Agriculture Model

Imagine living in a country where having the freedom to cultivate your own land, tax-free and without government interference, is not only common but also encouraged for the purpose of promoting individual sovereignty and strong, healthy communities. Now imagine that in this same country, nearly all of your neighbors also cultivate their own land as part of a vast network of decentralized, self-sustaining, independent "eco-villages" that produce more than enough food to feed the entire country.

Horsing around

My family recently bought 2 mares into our eco-village and set up a new paddock by mowing out the kikuyu, placing a trough gravity fed by our stream, and using 1.5 meter fibre-glass poles running between existing fences to hold three strands of electric tape running off a small solar unit. As we prepared for the new arrivals we were also in training with the horse stud from whom we were to receive them. This bought about a realisation that it sucks working a horse in the mud and we needed an under-cover area to at least groom the girls if it was raining heavily.


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