20 Nov

Guenther imparts 30-years of earth building experience as he guides you through an adobe in-situ build which is a cement stabilised mudbrick, a great malleable material, ideally used for garden walls or where walls are exposed to the elements. Local owner-builder, James Andrews will join as a...

11 Sep

In this workshop, Trish Allen will cover the basics of growing your own organic veges in 3 simple steps: Prepare, Plant, Nourish. Everything you need to know to build confidence in your growing skills, including soil fertility, crop rotation and companion planting. We’ll also cover saving our...

21 Aug

Discover the joys of growing your own mushrooms in a host of mediums. Learn which mediums and substrates work best, and how to improvise to ensure you have an abundant supply of fresh organic mushrooms! On the day you will be inoculating your very own log with shiitake or oyster mushrooms to...

31 Jul

Join Guenther Andraschko and Avril Hamlin for this interactive workshop based on Joanna Macy's "The Work That Reconnects" which aims to re-establish our connection to our own true nature, to each other and the earth in the interconnected web of life.

Taking you through a spiral of...

09 Jul

We are delighted to be re-launching our 2022 Matakana PDC, which was postponed due to covid.

The course will now take place over 7 months with 12 full days of course time – 9 Saturdays + 3 Sundays from July to December 2022. It will be hosted in various locations around Matakana.


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