This Years National Hui

We now have the dates set for this years postponed Whanganui Hui.


Update December 2020

Changes to the PiNZ Annual Hui

The 2020 Annual Permaculture Hui was going to be held at Te Ao Hou Marae in Whanganui but was postponed due to COVID-19. In the last few months, the local team has been re-igniting the conversations about the Hui and looking forward to 2021.

Our collective context has changed. While things are looking promising in terms of our national COVID response, we’re still in the thick of it and it is hard to say where things may be at in April 2021. This global disruption has stimulated an increasingly local focus and in response to our new context, the Whanganui Hui team has decided on a different approach to the Annual Permaculture Hui this year.

In April 2021, there will be a Permaculture Hui at Te Ao Hou Marae in Whanganui. This Hui will be a smaller more intimate event organised by locals, for locals, with an added emphasis on localism. At the same time, the content of this Hui will be broadcast around Aotearoa, and local groups around the country will be encouraged to get together in their place to connect, learn and share together. 

There is currently no plan for an Annual Permaculture Hui in 2021 like those we have enjoyed in the past, where people physically come together from all around the country. Instead, PiNZ is encouraging local people to physically come together in their local place, while maintaining a digital connection and sharing all around the country - with a focal point around the event at Te Ao Hou Marae in Whanganui.

The details are still to be figured out, and you are encouraged to begin chatting with your local community about how you may be able to come together. Imagine getting all the local permies together at a local farm or marae, watching content together from the Whanganui Hui, having a few local presenters share their recent mahi, and facilitating stimulating conversations. Imagine recording some of those sessions so that they can be shared around the country too. There may be a series of online discussion forums or panels that we can all share in.

There are a lot of options around how this year's Hui could feel, and you are invited to contribute your ideas toward creating an engaging Hui that is adapted for the unique and changing context of this year. 


The PiNZ Council will be focussing more on digital sharing and enabling local groups, while the Whanganui local team will focus on organising the Whanganui Permaculture Hui.

If you are interested in helping to organise the online aspects of the 2021 Hui, or getting a small gather or event going in your local area, please contact:


The team are currently working on the logistics of the event to share and the PiNZ team will keep you informed about the new changes to hui and how the event will be available to all

We will send out more update as soon the arrangements get set int motion.



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