Winter 2019

June, 2019

Kia ora, this is our Takurua / Winter Newsletter we are featuring stories from the south of the Te Waipounamu - South Island.

We have had a busy year so far,  in need of the short days, less outward energy, and more inwards moments of connection with ourselves, and our close companions. With less to do in the garden, there is more time for the conversations and catch-ups we can have with one another - to go deeper with the people we have connected with. Plus more time to dream up new avenues of adventure and learning for when the spring arrives. 

The Matariki star cluster

We are now celebrating the Winter Solstice and Matariki seeing the old lunar year close and the beginning of the Māori New Year.

Festivities are conducted to celebrate these seasonal events. These festivities included the lighting of ritual fires, the making of offerings, and celebrations of various kinds to farewell the dead, to honour ancestors, and to celebrate life.

Matariki’s reappearance in the north-east sky is not visible in all parts of New Zealand, especially in areas to the west of mountains. For some iwi in Taranaki and Whanganui, and on the West Coast of the South Island, the new year begins with the rising of Puanga, this also is a brighter star than the cluster of stars that make up Matariki.

The Tohunga looked to the Matariki star cluster to find out how abundant the upcoming year’s harvest would be. Bright, clear stars promised a warm and successful season. Hazy stars, however, warned of cold weather and poor crops.

2019 National Hui Riverton

Tamsin Leigh has written a beautiful perspective of what she experienced at the hui


We are looking for interested people to type up audio recorded at the Hui into documents we can share on our website.

The topics are:

Permaculture in New Zealand Today & Tomorrow – Nandor Tanczos

Maori Permaculture – Donna Takitimu & Pounamu Skelton

New Pernialist Movement - Jason Ross

Education- breakout session - Karl Russel

Changing the Face of Farming - David Diprose

What is manu whenua – Stewart Bull

Low Impact Travel (Freighter Travel) - Maureen Howard

The Needs & Wants of a Thriving Local Food System - Ella Lawton

Please email Lillee if this is something you have time and passion for.



In April after the National Hui in Southland, Jason Ross took a bunch of keen permaculturists to explore some great projects and people at home in the area of Otago. Here is Robina’s write up.

Local Food Wanaka

A little view of what’s happening within Central Otago around all inspired around 1 photo.

Global Ecovillage Network Executive Director and resident of Findhorn Community, Kosha Joubert, has recently been Aotearoa New Zealand touring with Robina McCurdy & Thalea Thane to share the knowledge and wisdom of GEN. Robina’s has shared her review.

Some good news for Robyn Guyton and the Longwood Loop crew found out more about this pioneering initiative and where they are going in this article

Below are a few key events happening within Aotearoa & Australia that we can get on board to help our environment and living standards. It would be great if we as permaculturists gave our perspective to the Climate Change Amendment Bill and flood it with our responses and make the changes strong and swift.


Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill

The purpose of the Zero Carbon Bill is to establish a framework which New Zealand can use to develop clear, stable climate change policies in accord with the Paris Agreement. Here is the full bill to read and if you wish to put in a submission go here and follow the links available. The closing date is Tuesday, 16 July 2019!


Keep NZ Earth Building Standards up to date

Pledge-Me Campaign - Save our Earth Building Standards to ensure a key component for developing healthy, affordable, energy saving, and carbon sequestering homes.


HalfCut Challenge

I know this is not in NZ, though we are really taken by what these guys have taken on - rather taken off! To tackle deforestation and the climate crisis awareness and activism, the fellows from ‘Beards On’ have created a ‘National HalfCut Day’ on August 31st. “Over 48% of the world's forests have been destroyed. We have a solution and that’s to protect the last remaining forests and regenerate what has been lost”. Sign up here.



Holistic Decision Making Fri 5th- Sun 7th July 2019 TAURANGA

Plenty Permaculture is delighted to be able to bring to you this weekend Holistic Decision-Making Course, presented by Dan Palmer with Kazel Cass & Hannah Pehi.

Intro to Permaculture Fri 12th - Mon 15th July 2019 HAWKS BAY

Find out how to grow more food for less effort, develop productive and resilient homes, gardens and communities, and find local solutions to our global social and environmental problems.

Intro day to Permaculture 30th June 2019 CHRISTCHURCH

A one day course covering the basic principles and ethics of permaculture through an informative card game of 36 examples of permaculture concepts & projects in the morning, and a mini design project in the afternoon.

Taranaki Permaculture Design Certificate Sept 7th 2019 - Apr 12th 2020

This Permaculture Design Certificate is 13 days over an 8 month period. Learning through a mixture of lessons, activities, group discussions, and hands-on projects to build peoples’ practical skills, enhance learning, and have fun!

Permaculture Design Certification 14th Sept 2019 - 20th Sept 2020

This is a 10-month modular course located on properties throughout Canterbury to show permaculture systems and living design in action, along with theory-based learning that will cover the diverse range of topics that permaculture holds.

Golden Bay Sustainable Living Course Sept 9th 2019 - Nov 22nd 2020

Our 10-week ‘Sustainable Living Course’ offers a compelling menu of hands-on, experiential learning modules covering seven core areas plus your personal research project.

Yoga & Permaculture Design Course Sat 28th Sept - Sun 13th Oct 2019 GOLDEN BAY

Combining Outer Ecology (Permaculture) with Inner Ecology (Yoga), This 16-day course includes practical skill-building activities, mini-design exercises, and visits to inspirational properties that demonstrate Permaculture in practice.

For more happening later this year and next or wish to advertise your own visit the PiNZ webpage here.




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