Water & Soil Weekend


Understanding the Nature & Importance of Water .... & ... Know Your Soil.


  • Understanding the Nature & Importance of Water - cycles, analysing quality, purifying & treatment techniques, storage, harvesting, use & conservation, plus how to slow the runoff of water from your land.
  • Effective Microorganism for both water and soil.
  • Know Your Soil - preparations, compost techniques, soil testing, plus the relationship between soil, water, plants & animals.



9 am - 12 pm

W1: We explore the permaculture management of water from a watershed/catchment perspective, identifying strategies for rainwater harvesting through reducing run-off, managing infiltration & peculation, and water storage & distribution options.


1 pm - 4 pm

W2: How soil works in natural & agricultural systems and the ways in which soil are affected by different practices and contribution affect soils & plant growth. Learn how to maintain productivity whilst using strategies to regenerate soils and other natural systems



9 am - 12 pm

W3: Recognise the balance of soil components, learn from natural systems to realign soil health learn methods for regenerating soils and other natural systems. Establishing a compost and worm farm systems, and the use of amendments to boost soil life.


1 pm - 4 pm

W4:   Effective Microorganism is a sustainable microbial inoculant that achieves synergistic effects by combining beneficial microorganisms which exist in nature. Learn about the diverse combination of microbes and the wide scope of use within our daily systems to divert waste into a resource for our growing systems. 


Tickts and Price Options:

$220 = Full weekend ticket

$115 = Saturday only

$115 = Sunday only 

 $60 = Sat am; Sat pm; Sun am; or Sun pm sessions 

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Saturday, October 19, 2019 - 09:00 to Sunday, October 20, 2019 - 17:00
Location / Venue: 

Canterbury New Zealand

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