Spring 2019

December, 2019


2019 Spring Equinox Newsletter

Wow, Spring Spring Spring has come along fast, the delights of this season are here, and I am feeling the pull of adventure into the world outside the door of my winters' cave to celebrate the time of renewal and rebirth, and of blossoms blessing our days. 

National Permaculture Hui

24-27 April 2020

Te Ao Hou Marae - Whanganui

Next years Hui Team are in full swing working on an amazing collaboration with multiple local groups to bring about a new outlook for their communities future resilience in our changing times.

Feature Stories

This Edition our focus is on the happenings and networks of the Canterbury Bioregion.

The 2 stories featured below are based within Christchurch, these are a limited view of the of a big picture, as it is just my view, and though limited these articles are long stories with great imagery and interesting ventures and links to find out more information about what we have been doing over the years since the earthquakes in Christchurch.

Canterbury Overview

...looks to the history of the land, the effects the earthquake has had, and the way the community has stepped up to bring about the positive change.

Permaculture Input for Canterbury 

Is about the permaculture involvement I and others have had in the growth and healing of the city in the last  7 years... 


Other Stories to Share

Permaculture Practitioner & Organic Consultant - Sol Morgan 

The overarching aim of Growise Consultancy is to provide education and advice ‘to help people to help themselves’ to become food self-sufficient.  An aspect of this is developing the skills to maintain their own properties along permaculture lines….

Dunedin Happenings By Maureen Howard

It’s not renowned for its balmy winters, but Dunedin is a hot place to live if you’re keen on sustainability and environmental initiatives….

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Events & Courses

24 Sept Cohousing S1: Flourishing Sustainable Neighbourhoods - Auckland

28 Sept Intro to Permaculture - Marlborough

1 Oct Cohousing S2: Design for Community, S3: Community Governance & Effective Decision-Making - Auckland

8 Oct Cohousing S3: Project Planning - Auckland

19 Oct Gardening Essentials - Bay of Plenty

19-20 Oct Water & Soil Module  - Canterbury

19 Oct - NZ Tiny House & Alternative Living Conference - Canterbury

1-10 Nov Urban Permaculture - Open Guided Garden Tour - Taranaki

9-10 Nov Small Food Systems - Canterbury

1-7 Dec Traditional Timber Frame Joinery Course - Golden Bay