Spring 2018

September, 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Spring Edition

This time of the year we are always filled with the excitement of the warm breeze, the flowers blossoming and the longer days expanding into summer. Each newsletter we are focussing on a different part of the country and in this editions, we have featured some great places to get away to and explore in the South Island, including South Land, Karamea, Golden Bay & Nelson.


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2019 National Permaculture Hui & Southland Tours:

Riverton Permaculture Community is our host for next years hui. Come enjoy their friendly open hospitality.


Pre-Hui Events

Riverton Harvest Festival  - Sat 30 & Sun 31 March

This year will be the 10th Riverton Heritage Harvest Festival, typically attended by around 2000 people (oh so you wondered if that many people even lived down in the Deep South!). This annual festival is mainly a celebration of Southland's traditional growing, harvesting and preserving methods. During the festival, there will be workshops, demonstrations, displays, a farmer’s market, a pot-luck feast, music & friendly company! 


Resilience Loop Tour - Mon 1 April

This economic and social regeneration initiative is being launched in late Spring 2018. This project takes a Western Southland loop route around the Longwood mountains, passing through 15 small economically depressed country towns, with several more on the edges – all with cheap land and an over-supply of housing.  A truck will pick up and drop off along that loop to each communities ‘depot.’  Bottled milk, artisan bread, knitted socks, vegetables, fruit, handmade gifts, wooden spoons, weekly Western Southland Newspaper, chemist prescriptions, mail,  cut flowers. There will be many opportunities for social enterprise and self-employment which is unlimited!  

Our tour will follow this route, to discover the unlimited opportunities for social enterprise and self-employment which exist in places on the verge of ‘closing down’.  Once its thriving, this project is set to become a model for other impoverished bioregions around the country.


There is time on 2nd & 3rd to either help out at the Hui or go for a Self-Guided Tours in Fiordland, Catlins, Longwood or Stewart Island.


National Permaculture Hui

(10am) Thurs 4 – Sun 7 April (2pm) April

Welcome to the tiny south coast fishing village and beach resort of Riverton. Home to Robert & Robyn Guyton’s forest garden, studded with the jewels of the region’s heritage fruit trees, it provides varied spaces for meeting and mooting; in circles amongst the trees, under the cover of canvas in the insulated community-sized Mongolian yurt or inside of the enormous grow-house and teaching space. 
Hui workshops will focus on Heritage: seeds, fruit, technologies, and values; how did our forebears “make do” without the trappings of modern society: supermarkets, smartphones, ease of travel and credit?


General Information re Accommodation

The hui team is planning to do advance block bookings to reserve spaces in Riverton’s 3 backpackers and Seaside Holiday Homes (for during the hui only).  Description and costs will be on the PINZ website, and you will be encouraged to select your space in advance.   More rustic marae-style accommodation will also be offered on the Guyton’s permaculture property, as well as spots to pitch your own tent in the forest garden.

This Permaculture Hui is aiming to embody appropriate technology, including with ‘pack-down’ composting toilets and solar + gas powered showers.

People can book pre and post hui accommodation through ‘Te Hikoi’, Riverton's Information Centre & Museum:  www.tehikoi.co.nz/ 


Arriving & Departing

Invercargill is only 30 minutes from Riverton away by car. Flights into Invercargill are more expensive and less frequent than to Queenstown or Dunedin. The drive from Dunedin to Riverton is 3 hours via the lovely Catlins Coastal Scenic route and from Queenstown its 2.5 hours.  We are going to set up a Ride-share board on the PINZ website.


Bookings for these organised events will be processed through the South Coast Environment Centre, which is being supported by Venture Southland who will provide discounts on tourism adventures for hui participants. 

From 20 October onwards it will be possible to book for the hui via the PINZ website.  From that date onwards, recommendations about flights, overland travel and accommodation will be available.


Otago Tour Mon 8 & Tues 9 April

Dunedin Tour is being organised by Jason Ross. 

Expand your southland holiday into Otago to visit serval permaculture properties and people on route to Dunedin, a great way to travel home, making your journey to your connecting flight easy, fun, and inspirational.

Depart Riverton for Catlins wilderness at 3.30pm, stay over in the village onto to Dunedin by 5pm the next day.


Great fun to take advantage of in 2019...Don't forget to put the dates in your diary!



Updates from the top of the South Island                Full list of Stories

KARAMEA may seem like a faraway place with little happening. Don't be fooled, this dynamic community has deep roots and amazing connections that are reaching out to the rest of Aotearoa...Check out this great article by Liz Kerslake on the amazing people and projects past and present.

An Ongoing Biochar Journey By John Clarke

'My interest in biochar developed after seeing the NZ government climate change projections. We remain well on track for exceeding the IPCC’s worst-case scenario of RCP 8.5 (Representative Concentration Pathways are the four possible trajectories used in the 2014 IPCC report) and it seems advisable to plan for more droughts, more severe weather events, more severe tropical storms, and more heat ....' READ MORE


Friends of the Matai by Robina McCurdy

'Their catch-cry was: ‘Gather, share, learn and take action for a cool, clear, clean Matai River’.  This captured the hearts of people who loved and identified with the river. Out of the meetings, percolated some key areas of interest: planting & plant care, river monitoring, rubbish collection, education, forestry, and communication....' READ MORE

Over the last few years, Petra Stephenson has been designing edible landscapes for city sections and lifestyle block owners – with attention to soil fertility, water resilience, and energy efficiency to combat climate change and associated weather extremes. Check out her design, as well as other elements within her life.

Full listing click...Events

Introduction to Food Forest  Sunday, October 14, 2018

This is an approach to gardening that works with natural succession to provide year-round food, natural medicines, firewood, animal fodder, bee fodder, diverse ecosystems and resilience in times of uncertainty - not to mention providing wonderful aesthetics and space to relax. More Info

Permaculture In Schools Teachers Training 13 & 14 November 2018 Christchurch

A two-day transformational schools guide into edible gardens. Learn how to work with children to integrate gardening into school curriculum and help them to nourish outdoor environments More Info

Deep Ecology Day Saturday, November 10, 2018 or Saturday, November 17, 2018

Join us for an extraordinary, heartfelt journey into enhanced connection and empowerment with The Work That Reconnects. Transforming the despair for our world into Action. More Info Auckland - More Info Napier

Bugs, Pests & Beneficial's Saturday, December 1 & 9 2018

Bugs are a critical part of maintaining a healthy planet, parks, forests, gardens, local and global food production. Join Kazel Cass at Plenty Permaculture Cottage in Tauranga for this 2-day workshop. More Info

Empowering Activism  10-17 February 2019 

This week-long embodied experience seeks to reframe activism as an essential, positive contributor to the transformation of social and ecological systems. The course will offer a range of tools and tactics for effective change-making – facilitated through dynamic group exercises, deep connection, adventure, and play. This immersive learning experience will equip change makers with the skills to navigate the complexity of the modern world. More Info

Golden Bay 'Sustainable Living' Course March 11- May 18 2019

Our 10-week ‘Sustainable Living Course’ is unique in its breadth of topics and its duration.  It offers a compelling menu of hands-on, experiential learning modules covering seven core areas plus a personal research project. The course utilizes a wealth of living examples within Golden Bay and some of the world's best local experts who will facilitate your learning with interactive tutorials, hands-on practical work and field trips.  More Info


Promotion Material Display at Luminate Festival

Robina McCurdy and Dave Hursthouse will be running some permaculture workshops at this years festival. They have kindly offered to promote up-coming events and projects. Posters or flyer's need to be with them by Jan 10th

Contact Robina: earthcarenz@gmail.com

Riverton Harvest Festival (previewed above) is offering:

WORKSHOP space (@ $60 per hr, preferably hands-on style) and if no local is already offering that, it is likely you will be in! 

VOLUNTEER - 4 days in advance and much of the time during, in exchange for:

 - attendance at two workshops,

 - food during setup, within the festival itself and during, packdown

 - a camping spot, either in the Guyton’s food forest or under special permit at a local beach.

Robyn Guyton: robyn@sces.org.nz or Ph: 03 234 8717

Howdy folks,
We’re bringing our 
lil'' permaculture band, Formidable Vegetable back to NZ in Jan/Feb and hoping to connect with any local groups in the North & South Islands who might be interested in hosting a show or two? Is there any way you could help us put the word out so we can possibly provide some funky beets for any permaculture action parties/permablitzes or anything else that might be going on around then? 

Hope to chat soon. Cheers, Charlie.


Tēnā kōrua,
I am connecting in my capacity as Deputy Chair of the Winston Churchill Trust Board. Our funding round for this year is currently open, and I thought that your community members might be interested in applying for a 2019 Fellowship.
Ng mihi,


Winston Churchill Memorial Trust: Fellowships...
Has been set-up to help people to travel overseas to learn from others and study topics that will advance their occupation, trade, industry, profession or community and benefit New Zealand. Winston Churchill Fellowships are open to people at all stages in their careers, in any profession, industry, occupation or trade. All subject areas are considered. There are no qualification requirements.

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