Small Food Systems


Soil preparations, composting techniques, soil testing, and the relationship between soil, water, plants, and animals. Understanding the nature and importance of water, identifying its sources and its cycles, analysing quality, purifying and treatment techniques, storage, harvesting, use and conservation, and aquaculture. We also cover the topics of our environment and food production systems.

  • Zones 0-3 Home & backyard food production and resource systems, 
  • Organic gardening
  • Propagation, planting & guilds the best crops for climate and site characteristics.
  • Hügelkultur
  • Community Food
  • Guild Planting
  • Aquaponics food production
  • Orchard & food forest layout /design.
Saturday 9 am - 12 pm W1: Zone 0 provides a lot of resources, how best to use and distribute. We include organic and permaculture garden techniques, water requirements, soil & maintaining fertility, raised beds, crop rotation, suitable crops to grow for each season, companion planting and pest control. 
W2: Learn how to successfully make potting mixes, sow & pick out seedlings, and know the varieties of vegetables & companions to ensure strong and healthy plants in your garden. Plus learn growing conditions of direct sow vs transplanting seedlings.  You can pick out some seedlings to take home with you for planting.
1 pm - 4 pm W3: Hugelkultur is a no-dig raised bed's that make a difference to moisture, building fertility, maximise surface volume and create great spaces for growing fruit, vegetables & herbs. Plus a question answered ..What are food Sovernity & the Commons?
Evening: TBC
Sunday  9 am - 12 pm W4: Know the basics of backyard food production. Orchard and Food Forest design and layout, integration of small animals,  best crops for the site characteristics, spatial and management needs, including pollination, manuring, and recycling.
LUNCH: Has a talk time & showcase of aquaculture systems for food production
1 pm - 4 pm W5: The Food Forest Orchard utilises systems design based on beneficial features of natural woodland ecosystems, to create a productive orchard that produced its own fertility and is climate and pest resilient.
Tickets and Price Options:
$220 = Full weekend ticket
$115 = Saturday only
$115 = Sunday only 
$60 =  Sun am or Sun pm Sessions
$35 = Sat W1,W2 or W3 Session 
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Saturday, November 9, 2019 - 09:00 to Monday, November 11, 2019 - 16:45
Location / Venue: 

Canterbury New Zealand

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