Possibility Management / 'Inner Permaculture' : 5-day training

Expand The Box Wellington, picture of whale breaching from the ocean

Planting seeds for new ways of thinking can be disruptive. What if the seeds actually sprout and produce new ways of seeing what is possible in your connections, your potentials, and problem situations which before seemed immovable? What if new thoughtware opens connections where there is no problem and your being is nurtured and expands? Who will you become? Who is the undiscovered 'you'? Enter Inner Permaculture: the conscious design and maintenance of socially productive inner ecosystems which have the diversity, stability, and resilience of natural ecosystems.

Delivered in four recent GEN-Europe Conferences. Possibility Management is included in Gaia Education’s updated 'Social Design for Sustainability' and was delivered at Schloss-Glarisegg's January 2018 Ecovillage Design Education (EDE). Possibility Management has evolved for over 40 years, mostly in Germany, and is now shared around the world in intentional communities, sustainable businesses, festivals and multi-day trainings such as this for every-day edge-workers... ;)

In this training, meet Clinton Callahan, originator of Possibility Management, author of “Radiant Joy, Brilliant Love” and “Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings” in the second Expand The Box delivered in New Zealand with his co-trainer, Anne-Chloé Destremau, and the local team: Ana Norambuena, Julia Neumann, Iris Savonije and Tristan Girdwood.

You will get possibilities to:
Be centred, present and effective even in rapidly changing or chaotic environments.
Shift what is happening right now into an extraordinary learning journey for yourself and the people in your environment.
Ignite your vision with unquenchable inspiration and take your next steps with courage.
Establish authentic contact with fellow human beings, communicating with clarity and passion.
Dismantle the buttons that can be pushed in you, for staying in the present.

Find out more on Possibility Management at www.possibilitymanagement.org, and see videos of participants' feedback here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/pminaustralasia/videos/

Financial investment:
Training fee between 777 and 1111 NZD (sliding scale: you choose your price in own responsibility, the service remains the same. Please get in touch in case you have questions)


Accommodation, Marae style: 85 NZD per person for 4 nights.


Fully catered: 290 NZD for 5 days

Any queries or to register, contact: Tristan Girdwood, tristan.girdwood@gmail.com, ph: 020 4035 0485

Wednesday, February 13, 2019 (All day) to Sunday, February 17, 2019 (All day)
Location / Venue: 

Tapu te Ranga Marae, Island Bay, Wellington

$777 - $1111 + Optional: $290 Food & $85 Accommodation
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