Permakai - PDC

Modular PDC
Once a month for a year starting July '23 in Waiuku. Learn at a relaxed pace and observe the farm as the seasons change.

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This PDC will change the way you see things and give you philosophical and practical tools to build a resilient future. You will learn the “what”, the “why”, and importantly the “how” of Permaculture. We adopt a hands-on approach so you gain the confidence to implement what you learn in practice.

A Permaculture Design must be able to cater for the different challenges and opportunities brought by winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Having the sessions spread over the year enables you to see and experience permaculture in every season.

This PDC fulfills the requirements of the international permaculture curriculum and upon satisfactory completion you will receive a certificate recognised by PiNZ and internationally.

No need to miss a session as we can bring you in online if you are unable to be present. This muct be the exception as you dont get to experience the practical sessions. or the full class discussions online.

Saturday, July 22, 2023 - 09:30
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Earlybird, and installment plan availble - see website
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