PermaDynamics Permaculture Design Certificate Course

PermaDynamics Permaculture Design Certificate Course

Experience how our permaculture system generates creative livelihoods of abundance.
Observe the dynamic interaction between landscape, climate, water, plants and animal species
​Become immersed in and learn about all aspects of a working permaculture farm,
from design to implementation, and management to harvest.

Take advantage of the unique opportunity of completing your PDC here at PermaDynamics.

A unique chance to learn the whole curriculum in an active environment where you can see how it all works in practice. For those that are academic or kinetic learners this course is a great blend of theory and practical knowledge of permaculture systems that generate creative livelihoods of abundance.

One weekend per month from September 2018 to February 2019

Learn to design, implement, and manage your own permaculture site with Klaus Lotz as your tutor and mentor throughout the 6 month modular course.

Upon completion of the internationally recognised 72 hour permaculture curriculum, you will be awarded a Permaculture Design Certificate accredited through PiNZ.

Soil & Earth building, syntrophic forest gardening, biochar culture, biogas production and design, swales and terracing, mushroom production in permaculture, nutrition and ferments, nutrient dense market gardening, alternative energy, biodynamics, compost, holistic animal integration.....

....AND a chance to design your property with personal mentorship from Klaus, a permaculture consultant with over 30 years of knowledge and practice at transforming any land to its full potential.

Saturday, September 15, 2018 - 10:00 to Saturday, February 16, 2019 - 17:00

This PDC course is held at our Permaculture farm in Matapouri NZ.
Morning and afternoon tea, snacks, and a fresh salad from our garden with sourdough bread are provided for each day.
Free camping is available.
You will be given a booklet for each module with our lecture slides, further information and diagrams.

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