Permaculture Training

Permaculture founders Bill Mollison and David Holmgren desired that education in permaculture should be available to all, and should operate outside the constraints of national education and qualifications systems. Thus education in permaculture is for the most part delivered by experienced permaculturalists sharing their knowledge.

In New Zealand you will encounter three levels of Permaculture training:

Introductory courses
Introduction to Permaculture courses
Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC)
The primary qualification. Several thousand people have undertaken PDCs in New Zealand.
Diploma in Permaculture Design
An advanced, research-based qualification

Conduct of PDCs and Diplomas is overseen by PiNZ through the Permaculture Educators' Group, via an accreditation process. When registering for a permaculture course, check that it is properly accredited. This both ensures you are getting an authentic permaculture education and provides an avenue for feedback or complaint.
As well as PDCs and Diplomas, there are numerous short courses, workshops and demonstrations covering specific aspects of permaculture.
Lastly, many permaculturalists offer opportunities for informal one-to-one learning ranging from short-term Wwoofing through to internships.