Permaculture Gardening 2 - Garden Structures

Event Organiser: 
Dee Turner

Garden Structures

Keeping backyard chooks

• Shelter, best breeds, food and building a chook tractor

Small space structures

• Building a number of structures for growing food in small spaces from gutter gardens to vertical growing structures

Herb spiral

• Designing a herb spiral with bricks and learning about all the materials they can be built with, placement of herbs and creating a watercress pool.

Growing through the seasons

• Building protection for plants to grow year-round from recycled materials.

Backyard bee keeping

• An overview of what is required to keep a beehive in the garden, equipment practical and pros and cons.

Espalier fruit trees

• How to erect an espalier structure, how to prune espalier trees/bushes/vines

Shelter and fedges

• Temporary and permanent shelter around a food garden or fruit trees – using plants and hard materials

Weed identification and building a weed biodigester

• Identifying annual, biennial and perennial weeds and their uses in the garden.
• Building a weed biodigester to turn noxious weeds into garden fertiliser

This permaculture gardening weekend contain 4 practical sessions per day with hands on building, making, and experiencing all of the subject areas covered on the course in the garden.

- 2 day weekend course - 9am - 5pm both days. Cost $200 per person or $300 for two people learning together. Places are limited to 12. Cost includes morning and
afternoon tea.

- Practical and theory sessions based on an organic 4ha permaculture property in Whiteman's Valley, Upper Hut which is almost completely self-sufficient.

- To book a place on the course, contact: Dee Turner: 0211252035 or Carolann Murray will be teaching the Upper Hut course. She has
written the New Zealand guide to self-sufficiency, and has been teaching permaculture in New Zealand for 15 years.

- Check out the website for feedback on the courses, full details of the practical projects, and a complete rundown of the content - 'permaculture' tab -

Saturday, November 5, 2022 - 09:00 to Sunday, November 6, 2022 - 17:00
Location / Venue: 

971 Whitemans Valley, Upper Hutt 5371

$200 per person for the weekend or $300 for two people
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