Permaculture Design Certificate

Permakai pdc

Internationally recognised PDC, see our website for more details

Event Organiser: 
Rory Fogerty, Permakai

This PDC will change the way you see things and give you philosophical and practical tools to build a resilient future. You will learn the “what”, the “why”, and importantly the “how” of Permaculture. We adopt a hands-on approach so you gain the confidence to implement what you learn in practice.

A Permaculture Design must be able to cater for the different challenges and opportunities brought by winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Having the sessions spread over the year enables you to see and experience permaculture in every season.

This PDC fulfils the requirements of the international permaculture curriculum and upon satisfactory completion you will receive a certificate recognised by PiNZ and internationally.

5 Jun 2022: Introductions, Ethics and Principles
23 Jul 2022: Climate, zones and sectors, observation
27 Aug 2022: Soil, water, and air. Appropriate technology
24 Sep 2022: Understanding patterns, designing 101
22 Oct 2022: Site analysis and client interview
26 Nov 2022: Design tools and reading the landscape
10 Dec 2022: Site visit to permaculture farm designed in ’80s
28 Jan 2023: Trees and tree crops e.g. food forest
25 Feb 2023: Food production, crops, animals, poultry
25 Mar 2023: Design for living, resilience, community, buildings
22 Apr 2023: Design presentations – all welcome
27 May 2023: Wrap up and next steps, starting your own business, building a resilient permaculture community

Note: to be eligible for a certificate you must attend 11 of the 12 sessions and complete the design project to a satisfactory standard.

Saturday, June 25, 2022 - 00:00 to Saturday, May 27, 2023 - 23:45
Location / Venue: 

81B Morley Road, Waiuku

$1200, installment plan available
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