People and Permaculture

Celebrating seven years since People and Permaculture was first published. This new edition has an extended introduction reflecting on the positive impact it has already had and inspiring us to move the tools and get designing. It also now has an index helping readers to navigate the diversity of topics covered. Looby and her publishers are passionate about embedding permaculture thinking within the publishing process as well as the content of the book and didn’t want to make thousands of existing copies obsolete. 

People and Permaculture is a powerful, hands-on guide that will help you to:

  • Enhance your well-being with profoundly effective tools for self-care and regenerative thinking
  • Improve the dynamics and well-being of your relationships, family, groups and communities with simple and creative methods
  • Empower yourself with over 50 practical activities
  • Create spirals of health, real wealth and abundance
  • Forge a wider vision for all of our social systems
  • Explore how to expand our feelings of connection across the globe
  • Learn about permaculture; a potent blend of common sense, magic and design
  • Discover the Design Web, a versatile framework for initiating positive change in any aspect of life
  • Connect with a bigger vision of possibility for yourself and humanity.
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