October 2012

Date of Meeting: 
Saturday, October 6, 2012

Minutes of Face-to-Face meeting, October 2012, Matakana 

1.17pm Oct 6th 2012 face-to-face meeting at Matakana, 15 Courtney Lane

Present: Jocelyn Winters, Trish Allen, Floyd Driver, Sarah Adams, Richard Grevers, Cheryl Noble, Danyl Strype, Wendy, Richard Lee (past chairperson -lawns.mown@gmail.com)   
Apologies: Betsy Kettle, Nandor Tanczos 

council emails; biculturalism survey / strategy 
hui feedback 
website and brief for next stage handbook 

  • Introduction round 
    Council emails; biculturalism

  • Trish shared some of her background to explain her response to emails regarding racism.

  • All spoke about their experiences with our emails. Richard Lee spoke about past intent and action to meet legal requirements, to support (eg hui group) and to do with emails. (David's

'flower' model – 2 petals overlapping image).

  • Ideal if Maoridom and P/C work together but on an equal footing.

  • New indigenousness” term coined by D Holgrem

  • No binding resolution has been made re always holding our annual hui on a marae although

it has been expressed in the past that this would be desirable where possible.

  • Koha needed for Vertical Horizon (no base fee, just accommodation charge) and also for


  • The translation of our whole constitution into Maori was discussed but Pohaire said that is

not necessary. Regarding the translation of the word “membership”, Pohaire suggested we use the Internal Affairs translation, “huanga”. Pohaire has given approval for the words we have chosen for the headings. The idea of the 12 principles being translated with Maori proverbs in the future was voiced.

  • Our updated constitution, as signed off at the last face to face, has been approved by the Charities Commission. The document has now been signed by 3 Council members and Trish will now send it to be registered at the companies office. The Companies Office will then advise the Charities Commission and we will be advised of our charitable status.

  • Manual communications and emailing rules were read out. Please note use of FYI, REC, RFI, RFD, FAO and please try to keep your emails short and concise.

  • When extended discussions and attempts at decision-making by email are proving ineffective it should be referred to the chair and deferred to skype and/or face-to-face. Sometimes it is appropriate to email directly to members.


  • Richard reported Vertical Horizons are erecting another community building.

Budgets/quotes are coming in and a comprehensive professional proposal for kidzone (busy

hand / active / chill zones) has been accepted. Under 4s might be separate.

  • The team for mahi is coming together. Personally, Richard is committed to website, growing

food and Parihaka mahi.

  • Karma emailed that they need $400 for venue deposit (paid, approved on telehui), and for

      seed money, ads in NZ mags ($345 & $437) and “food & bulk”. Total $1582 (including

      $400). $1200 approved today.

  • Joc suggested the hui organisers put in an application through council for sustainability/regional promotion /community events grants. An added advantage is that people from council may come.

  • AGM timing: Sunday night may be best because Monday is Taranaki Anniversary day and those from out of Taranaki may not be able to come.

  • Hui theme is “up-skilling ourselves”.

Treasurers Report 
Face to Face; 6th October 2012 

00 Account 

Opening balance    $1,011.97 
Income to date    $10,620.00 
Expenditure to date    $11,410.45 
Balance    $221.52 

01 Account 

Opening balance    $2,883.89 
Income    $9395.85 
Expenditure    $419.15 
Balance    $11,860.59 

Total available funds    $12,082.11 

Transfer $800.00 
Pay Vertical Horizons $400 deposit 

  • PiNZ face-to-face meetings are our biggest expenditure; about $1000 each.

General business

  • A PiNZ presence at WOMAD discussed. Kama has Taranaki Environment centre stall.

Pamphlets – hard copy available at WOMAD? Will discuss pamphlet online to print off. Floyd, Sarah and Cheryl will be part of pamphlet design, probably A5. Trish gave old them an Australian designed city farms and community gardens network pamphlet that is good guideline.

  • Maybe need a more simplistic logo.

  • Only Cheryl (thanks) has responded to Wendy's request for PDC graduates' contact details.

  • Richard agreed to continue calling up the telehui (even though Secretary deemed to in handbook).

  • PiNZ is offering a deal for teachers of PDC course for 1 year's membership of PiNZ. Trish will contact PEG.


  • Only a few surveys have been received. Wendy to collate the responses to the open

questions. All present members to fill out today. A survey set up on our P/C site OR “monkey survey” would be best to use for future surveys. That will bring more traffic into website too.


  • Richard wants to know from the membership what they would like to do online with relation

to P/C in terms of communication with other permies, discussion, social level, what other sites they use? Ask PRI if they want to integrate the systems. BioRegional contacts could be able to manage their own profile, not the webmaster.

  • Strypey - some permie contact is already through facebook. 3 stage process for website suggested. News and documentation are the two different types of info.

  • Floyd - Real stew integrates social networks.

  • Richard – RSS Really subscriptions explained. Read out his ideas / tools he has put in

Forum” on PiNZ website which would get people to communicate. No-one has commented

on this yet. OOOBY is based on Ning which is quite expensive now.

  • Website champions? Put something on the website eg. Once a week.

  • Link, similar to “like” on facebook, to other organisations, (eg permies.com, gardengrow,

urbanorganics) with ours. Climate zone on each persons profile.

  • On drupal everyone who's a member automatically has a blog.





  • Trish – bioregional monthly blog would be good on the site. Strypey suggested we need a geek/architect for the website and a bioregional worker.

  • Bio-regional contact person: it was agreed (subject to Nandor's approval) that we will pay someone up to $6,000 per year to keep in close contact with the bio-regions and post news onto the website regularly. The Bioregional worker will have to organise funding for their own employment. Sarah will write the job description.

Closed 5 pm

Continued 9.16am Sunday Oct 7th Website discussion

  • email permaculture.org.nz currently goes into mailbox at interspeed and from there goes into google gmail so anyone can go into it. Richard checks it. Less spam now since we got website upgrade. Most emails are applications for membership of the website. Richard also cleaned up Russian and Polish members who were allowed in in early days. Need to do something with where this email goes. NET24 $5 p mth for email hosting -Server in Wellington. Would have to see if we could export (can import) historical emails needed. Could leave archives where they are and keep the a/c open. Need to make sure all passwords available for incoming council members. Strypey thinks NET24 would be suitable to host the permaculture.org.nz email (that will be on the website for people to contact us) as it seems the best option for money for dedicated inboxes. Google are outside NZ so an added risk. Any free company can turn it off. (Coactivate is a bit different – in NY and Strypey has confidence in it as he knows who runs it and his motives as an activist, not moneymaker. We can back-up our data through CoActivate at a click.) The system needs to be simple so incoming council can easily pick it up. Proposal is that we shift from Google groups to CoActivate. Richard has archives back 2 years so could send them to Ethan to import them to CoActivate. Now set up a new, private project in coActivate called”PiNZ Council'. All council members to join forthwith. Minutes could go on the blog. Anything to the membership goes to the website. There is a an old PiNZ members' Google group (last post July '12 by Richard, then previous post in Sept 2010) which will be terminated. Registrar for domains (we are regd for 3 more years yet) are now Australian and charge at least twice as much ($50) so we will move permaculture.org.nz to NZ based registrar, First Domains.

  • Strypey -Email domains. Keep things open and transparent unless needed to be restricted.

  • Richard thinks that if people write something they think is private you cannot make it


  • AGM minutes should be public and other minutes for members only.

  • Blog or forum? Members only? Now about 700 authenticated members of website. More

privileges for PiNZ members. Non members may comment, browse or ask questions. We

need a users' agreement and a privacy policy.

  • Richard suggested we survey PiNZ members as to ascertain what they'd like in the website

beyond the brief below. Richard read out draft survey questions and ideas were added.

The following website design brief and timeline were approved.

Site brief:

Items in italic are not implemented or supported yet



Anonymous user (public)

Authenticated user (non- member)

PiNZ Member





What is








Permaculture training




User blogs








classified ads














Bioregions & communities




( write by regional editors)

Ask a permie



answer/rank/ed it





Meeting Minutes

AGM - read

AGM - read

Council - read

Syndicated content




Publishing NZ diplomas




Member profiles

no access


create, view


Completion of existing contract:

  • Drupal 7, 80% done, Richard agreed 100% drupal 7, PRI contact and survey up and running

will be done by end of October.

  • Membership integration: “massage” list - Richard, Strypey and, maybe, Thomaash by end of

November. Refer to Joc first as she has merged up to surnames beginning with “C”.

  • Badges - PiNZ member, PDC holder, Diploma holder, Accredited Teacher - part of the

membership design and dependent on PRI by end of November.

  • Newsletter: Summary of large articles only to go into newsletter with link to full article on

website by by end of November. New contract:

  • Stage 1- A vibrant site with BioRegional contributions as a new feature by mid January. Richard to quote by 5th Nov.

  • Stage 2 - “Ask a permie” set up by end of February.

  • Stage 3 – resource library and land bank information after hui.

  • Up-date bio-regional contacts – Wendy & Cheryl

  • Richard will ask the hui group if we could slot in, even 15 mins, a website presentation.

  • Strategy/vision presentation slot needed. A large 10 year vision board up for perusal before


  • Next face-to-face January 19th 2013 at Richard's, Taranaki, $5 per head koha

  • - to discuss tick-box (monkey / website) 10 year vision surveys and draft a document to

present at the hui.

  • No October telehui

  • Telehui Nov 13th and Dec11th


Closed 12.20 pm