Intro to Permaculture Workshop


Dan de Klerk (7 years experience in Permaculture, obtained PDC in 2015 through Permaculture South Africa)

Te Paranui Permaculture Homestead, in the Koromiko Valley next to the wetlands. Running for 4+ years on small slow solutions and vegetables. Food forest, Eco-grazing (animals for friends not food), Vegetable garden and some classic Permaculture installations.

We aim to cover a broad range of topics:

- Permaculture as a concept: The theory; What it offers; What it looks like in the world.
- Design Principles (on-site observe and interact)
- Design: Zone and Sector Mapping - To Action Plan (practical)
- Soil and an overview of food growing methods (on-site observe and interact)
- Discussion on renewable energy
- Zero-waste homes (practical)

Do you have some experience in Permaculture already? If you have a site that you are designing or would like to design, I would encourage you to bring that information with you to use in the practical design component. If not, and it's all new to you that's no problem.
*The content may change slightly, and be flexible in accordance with the levels of experience and the particular interests of the course participants.

A solo booking costs $40 with lunch. For group or family bookings, there is a $10 discount for each additional family member :) - That's $40 for the first person, $30 each for the rest. Please book in advance, so that we can organise logistics. Contact us to book- -

Facebook messenger:
Phone: 027 53 222 67

Saturday, June 15, 2019 - 09:30 to 16:00
Location / Venue: 

1310 State Highway 1, Koromiko

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