Intro to Permaculture


Permaculture is a lifestyle-based approach to global sustainability.
Our one day workshop offers home-scale solutions to face our global environmental challenges by looking into: What is Permaculture; Subsistence Food Growing; Holistic Design and Home Waste Management.

At its core, Permaculture is about community, and our big hope with running these courses is not only to share knowledge, but to build community through shared learning. This is why we would like to welcome all people, regardless of your level of experience in Permaculture.

Te Paranui is a homestead that has been running, and slowly converting to Permaculture for almost 3 years now. We are on the edge of the Para wetlands in Koromiko valley. We have a young food forest, a vegetable garden, sanctuary animals who we graze regeneratively, compost toilets, DIY solar showers, and a number of small slow projects- growing towards the bigger, holistic picture.

The course will be facilitated by the site manager Dan. He has been practising Permaculture for almost 7 years - in Bali, South Africa, South America and New Zealand. He received his PDC from Permaculture South Africa in 2015.

To book a spot, please contact via E-mail on: /Facebook search: Te Paranui Permaculture /Call Dan on: 027 53 222 67

Saturday, May 18, 2019 - 09:30 to 16:00
Location / Venue: 

1310 State Highway 1, Koromiko

$40 lunch included
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