Alima With Kumara To Distribute For Seed
Seed Packets from Otangarei School
Jodie in Seed Processing Action

For those of you that experienced the outreach work of the 'Localising Food
Tour' between Oct 2012 and June 2103, attending presentations, workshops or
engaged in documentary interviews, and are curious what eventuated after
the tour, we have some news for you! After beavering away putting in
thousands of volunteer hours and Crowd Funding supported editing time,
working on the documentary material captured on the tour, the 1st of the 6
themes filmed, ‘Growing Schools’ is finally available for downloading on
the 'Localising Food Project' website: www.localisingfood.com

In September 2015, Robina McCurdy launched this 4-part documentary at the
International Permaculture
Conference in London, honourably facilitated by Starhawk from USA, Robin
Clayfield from Australia, with songs from the SCOPE team from Malawi,
Africa. As an indication of its internationally recognized value from that
launch, by it is being translated into Slovenian, Spanish
and French.

Robina opened the launch with: “I dedicate this ‘Growing Schools’
documentary to the global seeding of Permaculture in Schools, for the
wellbeing of future generations, the transformation of our education
system, and the flourishing of our planet”.

'Growing Schools' showcases empowered NZ children involved in transforming
their school grounds into abundant food
gardens and nature havens. It explores the proven benefits of gardening
and nature connection for children’s motivation, academic achievement,
and wellbeing. These stories exemplify how the wider community can play a
vital part in supporting and sustaining a school garden programme, for the
benefit of all. It is made for teachers, parents, policy-makers,
environmental educators and permaculture facilitators - but engaging for
kids too…”

This two hour documentary is composed of: ‘AWAKENING GARDENERS’ - Edible
Learnscapes & Nature Havens in
Early Childhood Centres’, ‘GROWING GARDENERS’ - Transforming School
Grounds Into Productive
Learning Environments’, ‘ENRICHING GARDENERS’ – Gardening at the Heart of
the School
Curriculum’, ‘EMPOWERING GARDENERS’ – Schools as Community Food Hubs’

At neighbourhood and regional levels, the Localising Food project captured
dynamic footage of inspirational models of seeds swaps, seed exchanges,
seed libraries, seed banks, and family seed businesses that are operating
around the country, which can be replicated and adapted anywhere. There
were some glaring gaps, with some regions being deficient in any system of
seed exchange. With the increasing global ownership and the tampering with
the integrity of seeds, as well as the legislative implications of TPPA and
the Food Bill, S.O.S. has been prioritised as the next doocumentary to be
worked on. To fund this, we are launching a Crowd Funding appeal through
NZ's 'Pledge Me' site at the beginning of March, the timing of which
matches the public release of Organic NZ's autumn issue, which carries an
article about some of the Localising Food Tour's discoveries, and
particularly around the seed situation in NZ. We encourage you to take a
look at that article and check out our appeal on 'Pledge Me' https://www.pledgeme.co.nz/projects/4486
Additionally,if you want to support our work, The Institute of Earthcare Education
Aotearoa, the mother of 'The Localising Food Project' is a registered
Charitable Trust, to which you can donate and receive a tax exemption.

Tues 26 - Thurs 28 April

As well as attending the full workshop, there is the option to attend just
the 1st day or 1st two days.
For further information, visit: www.earthcare-education.org
Enquiries to Courtney Brook: [email protected]


I went to the Earthcare Education website but could not see any information there about the Localizing Food Facilitators Training in Hamilton. I also tried to the localizingfood.com website but couldn't see it there either. Can someone provide a link, or even better, post the information about the course here on permaculture.org.nz?