Green Planet FM


With a radio presence in NZ’s largest city Auckland and a growing network of change agents, their aim is to put NZ back on the global stage as a moral compass for good and a force for fair play and cooperation. Yet, we are global change agents as well and that at heart they wish to bring unity consciousness forward.

The aim, to educate, empower and inspire people, to be a dynamic change agent shaping the leading edge of the new paradigm, both locally and globally. This being a holistic, ecological, metaphysical, peace-oriented platform based on health, justice, a new economic order and a sustainable future for all biota.

Members can share ideas, post blogs, find out what’s on, learn about the news behind the news, engage in positive initiatives, strategic thinking, goodwill in action and become inspired by team spirit.

Over 300 recorded interviews with all kinds of people, including some of you in the permaculture movement.

Browse the list and find some gems

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