Empowered Activism Training

Golden Bay

Tutors:  Robina McCurdy, Dave Hursthouse, Emma Morris, Inna Alex, Leo Gedye, plus other guest tutors.

This week-long embodied experience seeks to reframe activism as an essential, positive contributor to the transformation of social and ecological systems. The course will offer a range of tools and tactics for effective change-making – facilitated through dynamic group exercises, deep connection, adventure, and play. This immersive learning experience will equip change makers with the skills to navigate the complexity of the modern world.


  • Embodying and facilitating skills for activism
  • Enabling and empowering personal sense of purpose
  • Nourishing wellbeing and avoiding burnout
  • Turning passion into your livelihood
  • Building and supporting networks and communities
  • Living in a deep relationship with social and ecological systems


  • Communication and facilitation skills;
  • Dealing with root causes and targeting action at ‘pressure points’ to leverage change;
  • The vibrant ‘rainbow of activism’ – how to generate change through diversity, solidarity, and alliance;
  • Tracking patterns, systems thinking and frameworks;
  • Storytelling and mapping ecological identity;
  •  Kaitiakitanga;
  •  Deep Ecology and Theatre of the Oppressed;
  •  Networking, communications, marketing, upskilling, consultancy, and charging;
  •  Community co-design, social governance, and decision-making processes;
  •  Succession and Leadership; and
  •  Dynamic group problem solving and play.
Sunday, February 10, 2019 - 09:00 to Monday, February 18, 2019 - 16:45
Location / Venue: 

Tui Treefield, McShane Rd, Wainui Bay, Golden Bay, New Zealand

$800 incl. camping and food
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