Earth-Building Workshop

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Matakana Permaculture Workshops - Guenther Andraschko & Trish Allen

This one-day practical workshop is part of a series of sessions linked to the 2023 Matakana Modular Permaculture Design Certificate Course presented by experienced permaculture teachers, Trish Allen and Guenther Andraschko. Anyone is welcome to attend the Practical Workshops to gain hands-on skills related to permaculture practices.

Guenther imparts 30-years of earth building experience as he guides you through an adobe in-situ build, which is a cement stabilised mudbrick, a great malleable material ideally used for garden walls or where walls are exposed to the elements.

Local owner-builder, James Andrews will join as a guest tutor to share his experience with light-earth, a method which uses clay & straw as insulation to infill a timber frame.

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If you are not attending the full certified PDC, individual theory or practical workshops can be attended at @ $155 each or $130 for three or more (payable in advance). Anyone is welcome to attend!

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About the main tutor for this workshop:
Guenther Andraschko is a Permaculture NZ affiliated teacher. He is an experienced workshop facilitator, earth builder, permaculture and landscape designer with over 25 years’ experience in designing and creating unique outdoor environments utilising permaculture ethics & principles. Guenther brings a wealth of practical knowledge and experience and enjoys supporting others to realise their own permaculture projects and aspirations.

Sunday, November 12, 2023 - 09:00
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Earthskin, Warkworth

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