Becoming an Affiliated Teacher



Why Become A PiNZ Affiliated Teacher?

Verify that you have a sound understanding of the ethics and principles of Permaculture and are endorsed by PINZ to teach permaculture, and PDC courses

Have the ability to use the PiNZ logo on your certificates and promotional material

Access to a peer support network of other teachers

Be part of the decision-making around awarding of Permaculture Diplomas, and the strategic direction of permaculture education in Aotearoa NZ

Connect your teaching work to the PiNZ umbrella body and give your students access to the feedback and complaints process

Have the ability to promote your Permaculture NZ courses on the PiNZ website and official PiNZ Facebook page

Discounted PiNZ membership for your PDC graduates


Who can be a PiNZ affiliated teacher?

A current member of PiNZ, renewing annually who has completed a Permaculture design Certificate (PDC) and generally resides/teaches in NZ.


How to apply to be a PiNZ affiliated teacher

Please send the completed application form to the PEG co-ordinator Dee Turner.

Your application will be reviewed by the PEG group, who will respond to you within six weeks of us receiving your application. We will confirm if we require more information or if you have received PiNZ affiliated teacher status.


To find out more contact the PEG coordinator:

Dee Turner


Phone (06) 8248104