Auckland Permaculture Workshop (APW) - Module 1 - Philosophy & Design

12 Principles

Auckland Permaculture Workshop (APW) - Module 1 - Philosophy & Design

TUTORS – Finn Mackesy, Gary Marshall and Ron Sperber

In this workshop APW introduces permaculture as a philosophy, ecological design methodology and grass roots community movement. This inspiring and challenging workshop provides the philosophical and theoretical framework for the remaining eleven workshops offered by APW. Participants will learn about the historical, cultural, and ecological dimensions of permaculture through open dialogue and a wide range of innovative examples and design solutions from around the world.

Introduction and overview of permaculture ethics and principles; Exploration of global and local contemporary environmental, social and economic issues; Introduction to theory and practice of design; Local, national and international best practice examples.

Develop an understanding of permaculture, ethics, theory and practice
Gain an appreciation of the potential breadth and depth of permaculture design applications
Identify opportunities and challenges to applying the day’s learning

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Saturday, February 16, 2019 - 09:00 to 17:00
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