APW - Resources and Redefining Waste


The wasteful use of resources, labour and capital is a definitive characteristic of the global economy and western culture. In this workshop participants will explore the relationship between resource management and human culture and examine the way resource and nutrient flows are managed in the Auckland bioregion. Participants will learn from experts in the field, the fundamental strategies for developing household and community based resource management and waste minimization initiatives. This workshop is ideal for community leaders, social entrepreneurs, active citizens and anyone interested in turning many of Auckland’s waste issues into opportunities for local economic development and integrated resource management solutions.

Introduction to – The ecology of waste systems and resources; Community resource and waste management initiatives and strategies from around the world; Bioregional resource auditing and analysis; Household and community scale organic nutrient and material cycling systems – integrated compost, bokashi, warmfarming; resource centres etc; Introduction to waste water systems; Water treatment and purification; Utilising biological treatment systems; Grey water reuse; Site specific and community based systems; Practical activity.

Learning ojectives:
Develop an understanding of the regenerative capacity of the planet and its ecosystems
Develop an understanding of the metabolic needs of a city
Develop an understanding of how to use biological systems to recycle and re-assimilate nutrients, minerals, carbon and water back into an ecological system
Apply the day’s learning of resource recovery to a practical design activity
Identify opportunities and challenges to applying today’s learning


Saturday, August 21, 2021 - 09:00 to 17:00
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