APW - Living Locally in the Auckland Bioregion

APW - Living Locally in the Auckland Bioregion

“The question Where are we? has a deep, sustaining ring to it. It is a simple question with a deceptively complex answer.”
- Robert Thayer

This workshop asks participants to explore what it means to live locally in the Auckland bioregion. Through a series of discussions and design exercises, participants will investigate concepts and design strategies that seek to enrich their neighbourhoods and bioregion. The workshop includes a site visit to an on the ground example of a bioregional design and development initiative and talk with people involved.

Introduction to – Bioregionalism and Life Place theory; Bioregional and neighborhood audit and stocktake; Design strategies for retrofitting bioregions and neighbourhoods; Re-localization and Transition Culture – the Transition framework and the 12 Touchstones; Local, national and international best practice examples; Integrated Catchment Management, landscape ecology and settlement design.

Learning objectives:
Develop a deepened understanding of the Auckland bioregion
Develop an understanding of the key principles of sustainable design and retrofitting
Develop strategies for living locally, enriching and retrofitting the Auckland bioregion for a sustainable and resilient future
Develop an understanding of retrofitting existing structures
Apply the day’s learning to a practical design activity
Identify opportunities and challenges to applying the day’s learning


Saturday, November 6, 2021 - 09:00 to 17:00
Type of PDC: