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 The PiNZ AGM will be held December 1st - 4th


This will be in a similar format to the 2020 PiNZ AGM, using Zoom for discussion and voting will happen online through Loomio.

We would all prefer to be meeting ā kanohi at a National Hui – though with the 2 attempts this year we are back to solo using the online platforms which had worked well to give inclusion and capture feedback and suggestions.

A more detailed information pack will be sent out to PiNZ Financial Members in the week leading up to the AGM to support your engagement. Keep an eye on your emails.

Hopefully, next year the AGM can happen in person again


Elections & Nominations

We are now calling for Nominations for PiNZ Council Members - do you know someone who would be perfect?

A Nominee must be a financial PiNZ member and be nominated and seconded by current PiNZ financial members.

The current PiNZ Council has identified the following desirable qualities of Nominees:

- Time-rich and has the capacity for unpaid work

- Passionate about permaculture and movement building

- Governance experience, particularly holacracy

- Patience, resilience and vision

- Bi-cultural competency

- Ability to effectively collaborate with a diversity of people

- Can effectively work alone to complete tasks

- Te Reo competency/fluency


We suggest mentioning the nomination to the Nominee before you submit it – and at the same time asking them to prepare a small blurb or video about themselves that includes the following questions:

- Share a little about yourself

- Why do you want to be on the PiNZ Council

- What skills and experience do you bring to the organisation


There are various roles on the PiNZ council which need to be filled like:

  1. Chair
  2. Secretary
  3. Treasurer
  4. Membership Secretary
  5. Hui Liaison
  6. Bioregional Coordinator
  7. Newsletter Editor
  8. Web Team Coordinator


The PiNZ Council meets once a month and asks for 10+ hours a month to give the PiNZ council work


Please look over the website and read About PiNZ, the PiNZ Constitution and the PiNZ Living Strategy


Please submit your Nominations to this google form by November 28th



If you would like to put forward a proposal to be voted on at the AGM, please send the summary of the proposal plus reasoning to – The PiNZ Council will then be in touch to clarify and refine it before adding the proposal to the Agenda.

Proposal Submission Received: Permaculture in New Zealand maintains a financial year ending 31 March 2022 followed by a special, 3-month financial term for early 2022 of April, May, and June.  From 1 July 2022, the new enduring financial year with a closing date of the 30th of June annually. 

This process will meet the reporting requirements of the Charities office and align PiNZ to major funding agencies

After consultation with the charity’s commissions and a few funding agencies, an updated proposal for the AGM will be submitted'.

- Clare Wimmer


AGM Tikanga (Protocol)

The Tikanga listed below will guide all of us as we engage in this AGM and will guide the AGM Facilitators if they need to moderate any discussion.

Manaakitanga [Caring & Respect]

  • We show respect for each other in our communication and use of language

  • We respect and welcome differences of opinion

  • We actively listen to others without interrupting

  • We are patient with others

  • We share honestly and openly, with respect

Kotahitanga [Unity]

  • We're all in this together as Members of PiNZ, and we're working with each other for the betterment of the organisation and its Members

  • We acknowledge that our considerations in this AGM are less about our personal desires and more about the betterment of the collective

Mahi Tahi [Collaboration]

  • We support other PiNZ Members to participate in this AGM

  • We seek a resolution and the fulfillment of common goals

  • We're patient with Facilitators as they work to facilitate the most effective AGM possible

Moemoeā [Vision]

  • We hold our deepest vision for the potential of PiNZ in our consideration of decisions

  • We share our dreams and visions for a shared future with each other 


Breach of Tikanga may result in the removal of comments by Facilitators, or removal from discussion forums. This is highly undesirable, and will only happen if absolutely necessary.

Voting Anonymity:

All voting is anonymous, and no person will be able to witness the details of the vote. The outcome will be calculated by Loomio, and the AGM Facilitators will inform voters of the outcome by email.

Loomio is a trusted platform originally developed in Aotearoa New Zealand. For more information, go to:

Or read their Privacy Policy here:


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