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AGM Feedback from the 2019 National Permaculture Hui

Over 130 people attended this year's hui at the Guyton Family Forest Garden in Riverton Southland, with attendance from all but 2 regions from around Aotearoa and spanning all ages and levels of permaculture knowledge.


It was so encouraging to be able to see where we all come from all over New Zealand, and wow on the numbers from Southland and Otago, most of whom have never been to a National Hui, so good to see the diversity from the participants of these areas. Also great to see was our North Island family travel down to the bottom of the country and be warmed by the hospitality of the Southlanders.


Murray Jones from Whanganui has put his hand up to bring a team together for the next National Hui and is at currently the kaitiaki of our PiNZ Stone. Several other areas have shown interest for the following year of 2021. We as a council would like to bring a concept formed at the 2015 hui in Wellington, of a 2-year sign-up lead to being a hui host. This is to allow enough time for a strong team to form and to get in place the necessary resources to hold a permaculture hui.

Some of us would love to see a 2-year rotation between the South and North Island. To bring the growth of permaculture to the whole of New Zealand and learn of the whole network of amazing people, places, projects and business we have across the country. How about it South Islanders! Anyone want to put your hand up for 2021 or 2022... nudge, nudge Dunedin! 


We had a great presentation from PiNZ Chairperson Nandor Tanzcos on the 2nd day of the hui about the Future of Permaculture in New Zealand, he also gave a great view of the work that has been done in the previous years' progress from the 10yr Strategic Plan, plus he gave an overview of where we are as a collective now and where we could go with the development and growth of these ideas. 

At the AGM an encouraging update of the last years' council focus and achievements, as well as plans for the next steps in the process,

At the end of this, Nandor stood down as from his 7 years service to the PiNZ council and his Chair position (of 5 years).


A Treasurer's report and PEG report was read out and approved

The New Council Elections

In agreement for the new council this year, there was a decision to keep the council numbers to a max of 7

We had 9 nominee's this year, which lead to a vote.

Below is the team for the next council year 2019 - 2020: James Andrews, Jenny-Kaye Potaka, Sean Murphy, Robina McCurdy, Lillee Star, Dave Hursthouse, Clare Wimmer (not in picture). 

new crew.JPG 

Office holders are Chair - Dave, Treasurer - Clare, & Secretary - James.

Thank you to Tammie and Leo for stepping up, and now are on board as helping hands strengthen the team and achieve the new goals we will set as a new council at our 1st face2face meeting in June.


   Big thank you Nandor!

For the great work and contributions, you have made in serving on the PiNZcouncil for the last seven years. For the bravery of taking on the 2017 brand new council of 8 and for keeping the succession of knowledge flowing on to us as we came on board. We are sad to see you leave, though so happy for you in your next steps within your wider work in Aotearoa, your role as a councilor of Whakatane, and for the all the weekends you get to now be with your family!


Hui Content


OPEN SPACE SESSIONS - Broadscale Networking-Style Permaculture stream (facilitated)

Session 1

Life Outside a Food Forest – Jason Ross (Waitati, Otepoti)

Permaculture in a Restricted Urban Space (1/4 acre or less) – a flawed example and discussion – Dave Kennedy

Bioregional Landuse Capacity Planning – Dieter Proebst (Golden Bay)

Maori Permaculture – Donna Takitimu (Whakatane) & Pounamu Skelton (Taranaki)

Gardening in the Context of a Changing Climate and Supporting Carbon Farming Worldwide – Rory Harding (Dunedin)

Can’t Eat Fruit or Nuts ??? Nutrient Dense Permaculture Design without those – Kama Burwell (Taranaki)

Alternative Building as a way to a Resilient Lifestyle – Example‘Earthship’ (plus the challenges of it) – Antje (Dunedin)

Session 2

Permaculture & Economics – Tools for Local Economy – Brian Innes (Coromandel)

Professional Designers Network – James Andrews (Northland)

Permaculture Education & Succession – Robina McCurdy (Golden Bay)

Political Permaculture Aotearoa – Ata Korero – Food Sovereignty – Alexa Forbes, Finn, Plum (Dunedin)

The Future of Tertiary Education – Alexa Forbes & Dave Hursthouse (Otago & Waiheke)

50 Reasons… Permaculture response(s) to events in Christchurch 15/3 – discussion/sharing – Ron Sperber (Auckland)

Session 3

PECHA KUCHA Presentations (7 mins each):
Low Carbon Freighter Ship Travel – Maureen Howard (Dunedin)
Aniwanaiwa Co-creating & Living on (D’urville Island)
Building Effective Shelter Belts – Odette (Tauranga)
Permaculture Market Gardening - Judy Keats (Auckland)
Whaiangaroa Projects through Raglan Environment Centre – Jade Penn (Raglan)

The Future of Tertiary Education – Alexa Forbes & Dave Hursthouse

Biological Control – Jesse Bythell

(1) Planned Sequential Ripening of Food Forests & Orchards Jason Ross (Waitati, Otepoti)

Permaculture Succession - Rainbow Valley Farm - past, present, future – Waveney Worth (Matakana, Northland)

Green Funerals (Recycling Bodies)

Session 4

Intro to Permaculture Card Game – Dana Dopleach& Lillee Star (Christchurch)

Simple Fermentation – kraut, lacto fermented veggies, fruit scrap vinegar – demo & open discussion Lily Moss-Baker (Dunedin)

Living Design Process – James Andrews & Dave Hursthouse Northland & Waiheke)

Terraquaculture: Water in the Landscape; Farmscape Design Greywater etc – Kama Burwell (Taranaki)

Organic Beekeeping for Everyone – Katerine Marsters (Canada)

Community Insurance – The Community Chest – Bryan Innes (Coromandel)

What is Syntropy? – syntropic Forest Gardening and its Application in Different Climate Zones – Matt Dami (Northland)


Harakeke Weaving -  Southland

Hibiscus String Demonstration – Lesa Hepburn ‘Purely Bast’ (Southland)

Hangi Laying - Southland

Visit our Tiny House and See our Land and how we Practice Permaculture – Nick Kiddey (Riverton)


Help needed in creating a shared resource reflecting the Hui

Is there anyone out there who is willing to take material generated at the hui and turn it into something to share with those unable to attend,  via the PiNZ website. This involves typing and tightening together audio recordings of the keynote speeches, selecting a range of the best representative and diverse photos (from hundreds taken), being a recipient of people's excellent notes from the workshops, selecting from the feedback 'testimonials' to put up on the website.

Or, if you were one of the people keeping notes for the sessions, or photo's and would like to feed these into the mix please let us know or send any relevant info to 


2019 Hui contact list is available here



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