About PiNZ

Permaculture in New Zealand is the oldest national permaculture organisation in the world.

We are a registered Incorporated Society with Charitable status and rely on membership subscriptions, donations and proceeds from events for our income.



Permaculture is a well recognised and highly respected design approach with a growing number of practitioners who are at the cutting edge of thinking in their respective fields. To support this, Permaculture in New Zealand is a rapidly expanding and highly regarded network of permaculture practitioners and teachers that offers inspiration, support and information sharing to its members and the public, serviced by a small and effective council that acts to protect the integrity of the permaculture brand within New Zealand and that provides advocacy on a national level.


To promote the development and practice of permaculture in Aotearoa/New Zealand by:

  • Providing effective networking and information sharing
  • Endorsing permaculture teachers, awarding diplomas and supporting the development of different permaculture education pathways
  • Advocating for policy changes where these are important for the permaculture movement
  • Promoting permaculture through media and events and by proactively supporting a better public understanding of permaculture


The fundamental Permaculture Ethics: Earth care; People care; Fair share.

Permaculture in New Zealand recognises He Whakaputanga and is committed to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

To achieve these, we operate with:

Respect and valuing of diversity:

Co-operation, working as a team
Integrity and authenticity
Valuing the contributions of young and old

Decision making congruent with a purpose:

Consensus processes
Transparency and accountability
Clear, direct communication
Enjoyment and fulfilment

Willingness to change and evolve:
Permission to challenge and preparedness to be challenged
Nurturing and supportive
Commitment to continued learning

The day to day affairs of Permaculture in New Zealand is run by the National Council. The council meets remotely on the third Wednesday of every month at 8 pm, plus 2 online remote workdays and meets face to face 2 times a year, as well as our PiNZ Annual National Hui for the AGM. The minutes of council meetings can be found here.

Here you can find the membership of the current PiNZ Council