2021 Jan Voice Meet

Date of Meeting: 
Wednesday, January 20, 2021
Meeting Type: Voice meet
Date: 20/ Jan/ 2021
Present: Dave, Lillee, Clare, Leo, Donna
Apologies: none
Start time:  6:30   Finish time: 8:30


Last meetings minutes


Discussion and decision (if any)

Who’s doing it?


proposal: pass the last meetings minutes 



Other items


  • Opening Karakia

  • Personal check-in, new year in the gregorian calendar

  • Approve previous meetings minutes

  • Task Check-ins (5mins each):

    • AGM 2021

    • Economic Strategy + Budget

    • Co-opting Councillors

    • Te Tiriti Wānanga for Council

    • Website + FB content

    • Membership Strategy

    • Bioregional Coordination

    • Contacting PEG

  • PiNZ Hui 2021 - Whanganui (15mins)

    • Status

    • What needs to be done?

    • OrganicsNZ advertisement for March/April due 29th Jan?

  • Next meeting F2F Feb 25-27 logistics (15mins)

    • Location - Te Ao Hou 

    • Backup location?

  • Financial accounts presented for approval

  • Closing Karakia


Payments to pass:

C&D Wimmer transfers consist of koha to marae, food for F2F and Regional Hui meeting and travel cost @ 0.35km as per PiNZ travel policy.



Discussion and decision (if any)

Who’s doing it?


proposal: we pass the financials pending review and acceptance by all.


All to read and approve.


AGM 2021

Still thinking about an online component. Is there anything new to take to the membership for voting or consideration.

All to think


Co-opting councillors

For example Pounamu, Donna will speak to Pounamu via email to see how she feels about attending meetings until the AGM where we can go through the co-opting process.
& Ron Taiapa, could possibly call him from the next f2f.

Donna to discuss with Pounamu


Workshops on te tiriti for council

Leo to speak to Whanganui locals about treaty workshop providers


Website and FB content

Whakatauki, book, profile, event, principals, maramataka
Keen to keep each kind of content post separate from existing content and give each one their own dropdown on Trello.

Link to face to face discussion about media content


Donna to get the content to Dave.
Dave to create a standard template for them.


Membership strategy

Contact PiNZ members by phone. 400ish

Speaking to people about the security of their personal information. Pete with CiviCRM has the ability to write a policy blurb to send to people.

And letting them know that our automatic membership renewal has been updated.

Also the new levels of membership

Donna to start calling people after Monday 25th.

Clare to contact Pete for a policy blurb.

Pete has supplied to Donna on Jan 22nd

PEG contact

Dave to send D’s contact number to Donna. Donna to get in touch with D possibly with Ron Taiapa



PiNZ Hui in Whanganui

Status: need drivers for the hui organisation.

Lillee able to support, Dave able to support.

Naomi hopefully will be the driver of the online component.

Te Ao Hou received funding for Marae improvement, hui set to be the first event after the work is done.

Clare can help with the financial side of things.

Potluck dinner in two weeks time that Donna will come to. Dave will speak to everyone he knows who could be keen to be the driver for the hui.

70-100 people, not too scary, lots of work done on Trello


Face to Face in Feb

Renovations going on at Te Ao Hou. it should be sweet as but just in case it’s not let's think of a backup.

Delhi village, backpackers, raetihi, rotorua ski and tramp club(Clare),

Dave to follow up with Jeff at Te Ao Hou

Clare to email and follow up with that back up option.