2020 May Voice Meeting

Date of Meeting: 
Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Date: 27 May 2020                    Meeting type:  voice meet

Present:  Clare, Robina, Lillee (minutes), Jenny-Kaye, James

Apologies: Dave              Start time: 8:00       Finish time:


Other items






Agenda setting

for today

  • Online AGM -  

  • Tuwharetoa - Tu Kainga

  • PDC graduates and membership - update

  • Changing payment options on the website to Account to Account only

  • Special thanks go out to Fuzion Aotearoa Ltd  for their technical support during the Hui registration set up, maintenance and reporting

  • Credit Cards Decision - language used about the process (Clare)

  • The Gift Trust Namaste Foundation-receipt with thank you letter

  • Writers


Meetings notes from  23 April 

To be filled in over the next week by council - some notes were taken by subgroups that need to be added.




PiNZ response to covid 19

Facebook theme idea

Need to find writers to call on to small pieces for the website,  FB etc. 

Starting with principles as prompts 

- ‘From time to time the council likes to promote educational posts on Fb and needs a few willing people to do that … if this is you, contact …?’

‘Did you have any experience that you can take permaculture principles and relate a story too?’

FB - Clare when redirecting people to the PiNZ website to use the PiNZ identity to show our presence more in response to posts.

## This could mean using the PINZ logo.

Robina to write up framings

## Not me, Clare is doing that as i understand - Robina




Finance and 

Proposal that: pinz removes options of credit cards for membership and hui payments excluding auto-renew payments and that we request a bank to bank transfer for all other payments to pinz.  James second, all in favour.




In July a google form will be sent to members to open council nominations. Those who accept will create a profile and photo for the Loomio nomination page

Clare, Dave James - 2 Zui - scheduled for members to review ONLINE AGM process in Loomio: 4 breakouts to cover each constitutional change

23rd June - practice session and with council July 15th

August - Voting is open and closes at a defined date

Council member who want to run again for council need to write a what they have been doing, and why they want to run again

Dave, Clare, Lillee

James to take minutes 3-5pm 23rd June

Dave to give access to Council members to fill in


Tuwharetoa - Tu Kainga

Meeting happening on 3rd June, 

Postponed to next meeting when Dave is available… and will update us all



PDC graduates and membership

Mechanism to be more straightforward to enter them into the database -

An automated letter will be sent out the student welcoming them to PiNZ

PDC Tutor to give a list and $ for the graduate student to be passed on to the membership secretary. Who will then enter them into the database.

Graduate letter to be formed - giving details about how to update their details on the website

Process of these procedure to be written up and given to the Affiliated teachers ## via PEG


Clare & Lillee


Website payment options

It has been suggested that credit card surcharge is passed along to the client or have only account to account payment.




Acknowledge the work that Pete has done - an immense amount has been done

Where do you do this? Zooies - AGM



Gift Trust Namaste Foundation

Send out a Thank You letter for their donation

Clare sent the receipt to James



Treasure Report 

$16,000 in the account at present - 

Donations and individual memberships have been $726 since the 1st April- 26th May

Membership list - are they new or returning. 1 automated renewal was received...can we create a report 

And what part of the country are they from

Reports for this queries - And a how to do this report, doc



Decision-making subgroup- 

Google doc to be written and presented 

Summary needs to be added to last meeting notes



Organisational Map

Repository...A one-stop shop to find documents and why things exist (the what/why and who we do)

Almost finished to present soon



Council Action Day & Zoom Meetings


Wed 17th June - Action day now changed to a Voice-meet

Wed 15th July - Voice-meet

Need to create a new seasonal calendar starting in August

And make a date for a F2F before the next new council join


Robina and Clare not available on the full Thursday

Clare & Dave