2020 Mar Voice Meeting

Date of Meeting: 
Wednesday, March 18, 2020


Date: 18/3/20                    Meeting type:  voice meet

Present:  James (minutes) Dave, Lillee, Clare, Robina, Sean, 

Apologies: none               Start time: 8:00       Finishtime: 


Other items



To be followed up by


Discussing email from local Hui team

Discussion based around email from the local Hui team 

Proposal to support the Local Hui team in their wishes to postpone the nationalHui until further notice.  All in favour. 

Proposal to support in principal the partial digitization of the upcoming Hui: all in favour 

Proposal in principle to support the Whanganui team to run the next Hui, when they see fit to do so, but no later than Autumn of 2021.


Discussions  around out of pocket costs so far (online payment processing, marketing) refund logistics.



Proposal of a max of $20 Administration costs per ticket deducted from refund. Excludes membership.  Clare and Lillee to work out details.

Clare and Lillee


Hui manual

Add in to Hui manual an event cancellation policy 




2 stages - first is a courtesy letter (email), then more detail on refunds to follow in the newsletter with full details of the refund procedure (including links to apply for refund) - newsletter due 1st April - We will attempt to have a decision regarding the AGM in this newsletter too, if not ready for this  then we can delay

Lillee and local Hui Team



?? What to do ?? possibile to do an online version somehow?  Idea: Include constitutional reform questions in the same google form for refund? 

Proposal: Explore online possibilities for doing the AGM online.  All in favour.

Dave, Robina.


Consult wisdom group on the above




We will survive the lack of an annual Hui this year.  Would be worth again asking the broader community to consider becoming members.

Lillee - mention in Newsletter


PEG conversation report

Dee has a good handle on things and runs a tight ship.  All the issues we know of are relevant and we got some backstory on these issues.  Would be happy to stay in the coordinator role, and would also be happy to step aside if there was someone keen to take it on.  Shared formative PEG documents and affiliated teachers and diploma lists. Keen to discuss systemic PEG improvements.  Dee has suggestions for how PiNZ council can support PEG.

Council members that are interested in being involved in a PEG focus group?  Dave, Robina,  Lillee.  

These 3 to have meeting in the next week



It is underutilised and we would benefit from using it more - to be discussed next time

Dave to put on agenda for next voice meet