2020 June Voice Meeting

Date of Meeting: 
Tuesday, October 20, 2020


Date: 17 June 2020               Meeting type:  Voice meet

Present:  James (minutes) Dave, Clare, Sean, Jenny-Kaye came in later

Apologies: none               Start time: 8:00       Finishtime: 9:55


Other items

  • AGM

  • Instagram offer






Credit card payments -


Costs money for credit card - extra per transaction and setup - thinking to test with a survey in the next newsletter?  $621 to set up a credit card option in a way that does not cause trouble to administer. Proposal: remove credit card payment option from the pinz website as 3 month trial basis.  All in favour.

Total account balances 16311.74

Clare to action proposal


Membership - Sean

201 current members did one meme and then lost computer access and then that was the end of that.  Loads of facebook members and still looking for ways to convert them to PiNZ members.  Reminder posts with blurb?  Looking for a more automated way of adding new PDC graduates. 

Sean to make a reminder type post to encourage PiNZ membership. Sean to talk to LIllee re:  facebook access


Miro show ‘n tell - James

Shared screen to show organisational map so far.

James to share access and ask councillors to use sticky notes


“Business opportunities” - Clare

Seeing lots of requests for work in exchange for food/shelter.  Idea to match seekers with hosts on our websites.  Could be very simple - just have a “connection” page where potential hosts and seekers can post profiles.  Needs to be clear that pinz is only providing the space for these encounters.

Clare to follow up with Lillee? 


Online AGM - Clare report and Dave to show through

Had a feedback session with a facilitators group which went well with valuable feedback received to improve the setup.  Giving Sean and J.K. a test look at Loomio.  


Idea for those not so comfy with online ways- suggestion that local permie branches gather to discuss and feed in 

Make it clear what Loomio is and whether you have to sign in and be haunted by forever by it etc.

Looks clean and professional. 

Anonymity in threads discussed - could be appropriate in the nominee thread.

Need to be able to remove any offensive comments. 


Facebook guy wanting to get regional pages together

Post encouraging people to moderate regional facebook groups

Leave it to its own devices.



Offer to set up and manage Instagram 

James to contact and set up Agreement around