2020 July Voice Meeting

Date of Meeting: 
Wednesday, July 22, 2020


Date:   22/07/20      Meeting type:  Voice

Present:  James (minutes) Dave, Clare, Sean, Lillee

Apologies: none         Start time: 7:00       Finishtime: 9:00





Approve last meetings minutes

Dave more to accept - Clare seconded.  approved


Councillors plans/thoughts for next year 

Robina - Thinks she won’t stand again - specific needs in specific areas that she can’t fill and can’t devote the time it deserves. Open to being pulled in for specific tasks.

James - probably won’t stand again unless there is a lack of candidates.  Also happy to keep working on a couple of specific projects such as Hui Guidelines and Organisational map.

Lillee - wants to stand for councill again.  Not interested in any of the core roles, Happy with the roles she has.

Sean - Intends not to stand for councill, happy to shadow someone who takes over as membership secretary.

Clare - yes will stand again.  Keen to co-facilitate chair roles.  Keen to support incoming councillors to take over the treasurer role.  Does not want to hold 2 positions.  

Dave - yes will stand again.  Drastically over committed and keen to co-chair or preferably not be chair at all.  Definitely not to retain the chair role alone.

Jenny Kaye - NOT PRESENT it is assumed that Jenny-Kaye will not be standing as she has previously stated.



Types of prospective councilors/skills etc to encourage standing

Clare shared a skills matrix.  Offered to prepare something similar for PiNZ council.  

Obvious needs: treasurer or secretary.  TIme/capacity to prioritise PiNZ.

Clare to prepare, all to fill in



12 -30th August

Need to do: would be great to do a trial run with councillors in the next 2 weeks - booked in for 29 July 7:30pm.

  • Dave has prepared an AGM info pack and will work with LIllee to send out to membership.

  • Proposals to be reviewed and passed on the 29th july

  • Facebook post to direct members to AGM and potentially elicit new members 

Dave to finalise info to go out and send out in colab with Lillee on Sunday.

Clare to draft content, Dave to make pretty


Social media role

Check in with Lillee - has been a bit up and down, has some ideas, does not need any support.  


Timing of AGM 

Continue to have Hui and AGM concurrently in Autumn


Council meeting pattern

Dave has updated.  Will send out

Send out meeting pattern


Opportunity spotting

Clare - wanting to connect permy specific woofing type seekers to permy internship or exchange experiences.

Connects with previous ideas presented by Jenny-Kaye.  Additional/associated idea to put together a national PC property/garden map.  Lillee offering to develop them further with some financial reciprocity..

General agreement on the concept of creating paid roles or projects.  Suggested that Lillee puts together a proposal that puts proposals alongside some $ values. 

Lillee to develop this. Robina to support. Clare to assess finances.  Lillee and Robina to meet J.K

Lillee to bring proposal to next Work day (29th July)

Clare to hunt out some templates for KPIs, timesheets etc.