2020 Jan Voice Meeting

Date of Meeting: 
Wednesday, January 15, 2020


Date:15 Jan 2020                       Meeting type:  Voice

Present:  James (minutes) Dave, Lillee, Clare, Robina, Sean, Jenny-Kaye

Apologies:none               Start time:8:30       Finishtime: 9:40


Last meetings minutes


Other items


Financial policy

Brief discussion and decided to allow the council 1 week to review and approve via poll

Clare to send poll 


Finance general

Requested authorisation of payments

Approving organic mag advert prompted discussion regarding soil and health - PiNZ relationship.  Valuable discussion still to be had, most likely at face to face and potentially in person with Phillipa at Hui.  

James or Sean to approve

Lillee to converse with Phillipa J. to explore possibilities then discuss as group at F2F


Secretary report

  • Invitation to attend waikato lifestyle expo. Clare to approach Tanya from go-eco and suggest sharing her stall.  This is an emerging pattern: to partner with local people to have a presence at such events.  We have promotional material on the stall and make a koha to stall costs. 

  • Feedback regarding spelling mistakes/typos on website and emails

  • Some interest in content creation volunteers and website design.  

Clare to approach Tanya 

Robina to write a proposal.

James to invite her to be an editor

Forwarded to Dave and Lilee to progress.


Membership update

188 current members 

More than 40 new members since email sent out

  • Looking to convert facebook members into PiNZ members.

  • Question around “pending” members - succinctly resolved by Pete

Sean to post memes etc on facebook in collaboration with LiIlee

Sean to resolve the “pending” list


Hui update

Lillee has left meeting so can’t add more

Dave - has met with Fiona who is the local team leader who has a strong handle on things.  Having some difficulty with clarity from the marae.  Dave will be helping to establish a relationship with marae.