2020 Hui Program

The speakers featured here are from the 2020 postposed hui ... we are currently review the program and will update this page by December



Each year we bring a new set of topics, along with some existing conversations, to the program based on the theme identified by the local hosting team. Our program is filled by Aotearoa, New Zealand Permaculturalists as well as visitors from overseas who have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with those attending the hui. Permaculture in New Zealand is you, our community on the ground making changes and exploring alternative ways to approach the challenges we face today with the guidelines, traditions and new advancements that make up the diverse permaculture practices. 


We also have a Youth Program that sits alongside our main program which will host 5 -18-year olds, this will be displayed up here shortly!


Here are our confirmed offerings so far for our main program...





We shall be posting more offering over the next few weeks...Watch this space!


Are you attending this year's hui and are you interested in holding

a workshop, tour or presentation?

If you would like to offer your knowledge and experience to the event and to the growth of Permaculture in Aotearoa, please submit an expression of interest through this form or email us at permaculturehuiaotearoa@gmail.com

*Workshops and presentations space are part of a gift culture and are not given in trade of a ticket to attend the hui.