2020 Feb F2F Meeting

Date of Meeting: 
Wednesday, February 12, 2020


Date:    12 Feb 2020                        Meeting type: F2F 

Present:  James (minutes), Sean, Lillee, Robina, Clare

Apologies: Jenny Kaye        Start time:  8:30am    Finishtime:10:30pm


Last meetings minutes


Discussion and decision (if any)

Who’s doing it?




Other items



Group discussion

Councilors intentions

Potential new council members 

  • JK won’t stand for re election due to overly committed at home

  • Clare is keen for a couple more years to continue working on the financial procedures/reporting and build some skills in facilitation.

  • Robina needs a sense for the next year to know how and whether she can contribute, tending toward not standing and other factors. Potentially interested in the co-chair role.

  • Dave In. One more year, probably two.  Keen to pull in some high capacity people.  Keen on co-chairing.

  • Sean is happy to stay on or step out in favour of new energy.  Also happy to keep working on membership from outside the council.

  • Lillee In for a few more years. More to do.

  • James feels the need to complete an organisational map, could do this not on council.  Clare identified a need for ex councillors to have access to do their work.

Shoulder tapping -  on an individual basis.  Posted on facebook,  Newsletter mention, and early on in Hui.

Thalea, Tammy, Leo G, Carl P, Finn B, Connor B, Alexa F, Trish W, Frida, Poihaire, Nicki J, Catherine D-M, Jason Ross, Ngaire P, Rick T, Donna T, Pounamu S

Dave to do advert for facebook and newsletter


Small groups:



-Org. clarity


Membership report back: Lillee and Sean

200 members

7000+ facebook members


Goal to have 2 weekly FB posts targeted at boosting membership.

Reminder that organisational membership needs to be sorted.

James to find what has been done and progress tomorrow. 


Marketing PiNZ report back: Clare and Robina

Continue to work on PiNZ presence at events in North and South Island - courierable resources sent to and from a hub in each island.

Need identified for a PiNZ marketing and media role. Photo attached


Clare provided PiNZ stand up table display to GoEco for Espire Hamilton Expo, will bring to National Hui


Proposal to move toward more member only privileges e.g. on websites and newsletter.

Passed in principle.

Possible to 



Clarity Dave and James.

James started to transfer org. map to Miro. Idea to present at Hui -ar AGM and/or on a board somewhere?

Dave:  reviewed 10 year plan vision and objectives

Reviewed and approved updated vision for  PiNZ and Council. Objectives still To be refined and approved.  Ten year plan (name change to…? Living strategy?...)to be presented and approved/amended at AGM.  This to be done each year. 


Feedback from small groups

Clare - Band reconciliation report specific from income codes Whoop!  Out of cicrm.

James - org memberships, wisdom group

LIllee - troubleshooting database stuff

Sean - org membership and emergency response 

Robina - emergency response.  

  • Co-ordinator that holds a list of people who are willing to be called upon when needed with their skills listed.

  • Recommend portal on website for emergency response

  • Website - emergency preparedness self and community - resources.

  • Someone to activate and coordinate fundraising and distribution of money to those on the ground.

  • There is a spare and empty bank account that could be used for this.

  • Co-ordinator to explore funding opportunities.

Robina to do this

Sean to contact Gary W. and see what used to happen and where it's at.

Clare and Pete report working...need to pay

Voting procedure for AGM 

Option between:1.  7 votes and the seven highest vote counts win.  

OR 2. all that get above 80% win

Preference is for 1: each voter gets seven votes.  The highest 7 nominees win..  All agreed.

Discussion around the best way to make the vote.

Either hand raised count up

Or paper/token voting.  Preference for paper/token   



Voting for constitutional change

- currently is consensus, looking to change that to either:

Over eg 80 or 90% to pass

OR No objections required to pass.

Agreed that 90% of votes required to agree to make a constitutional change.


Evening Session


Organisational membership

  • Cost: Not profit $100.  Profit $200-500 

  • O.M.’s have access to modified PiNZ logo

  • OM’s able to advertise events and services on websites.

  • O.M.’s to demonstrate 3 ethics somehow in their advertising on our website. 

  • Applicants to document how they are demonstrating the 3 Ethics in their organisation and have applications supported by a referee known in P.C. community.

  • Applications received, reviewed and approved by a sub committee of 3 including Membership secretary and 2 others approved by council.

  • To be launched at Hui

  • New O.M. Brochure

  • Need to contact folk on the resources page to inform them that they now (hui as cutoff) need to be O.M. in order to continue.

  • Website infrastructure

  • Acceptance letter

  • Facebook post and newsletter mention

Also, OM’s can have a stall at Hui for no extra charge. (all others pay 10%)

All Approved

Dave to do

Mention in acceptance letter



Terms of reference for subcommittee - James


James to write, Lillee to send

Fuzion via Lillee

James to write


Clare to investigate eftpos option.

Requested quote from Eftpos

Stall at Hui

All stalls NOT Oms pay 10% of turnover.

Clare to investigate eftpos option.


Additional things to work on tomorrow.

Affiliated teachers to post courses?

Should charitable trusts have a lower rate?



Proposal to spend up to $1500 to work out the kinks in the membership database and make changes to facilitate membership changes.  All in favour.

Lillee to action with Fuzion


13 Feb 2020


Affiliated teacher membership

Proposal: Affiliated Teachers have the option to sign up as org membership equivalent - use of modified logo, advertise services and courses.  $80 -  Approved in principle.  Need to consult with PEG prior to actioning. 

Dave to follow up with PEG


Economic strategy

Smallgroup report back

Photo attached below

To be written up and presented at Hui

Council display at Hui -somewhere for folks to sign up for tasks if needed

Dave to do


Org relationships

Strengthening networks to mutual benefit. Drafted up a partnership agreement with Soil and Health.

First thing: develop partnership criteria.? Robina?

Then discussion document to go to org nz. Lillee, Robina.


Tree croppers event upcoming - possible for a representative to attend. 

Robina to talk to Tree croppers 


Hui update LIllee

About 2 week lag getting tickets available then a few things got dropped over xmas break. Mostly working with Fiona, with a few others helping out around the fringes.  About 50 early bird tickets sold, that's due to finish tomorrow.  Marae comms have been slow, Dave has been able to come in a help out on that front.  Meeting on Tuesday that is shaping up to be well attended.    


Discussion around tickets for presenters etc.- background question - how much $ do we need to make?  $6000 minimum profit target current budget is for $8000 as it stands. 

Factors:  transport, Ticket? Keynote versus workshop, gift as well.



Volunteer discussion: number of hours in return for free ticket.  4 x 6hr days??  Diff erent value for pre hui hours and during hui hours?  Who determines this equation?  Volunteer limit of …?  6 - 8 def less than 10.  Decision:  8 volunteers for them to work as many hours as required (inc camping accom)

Decision: Core team:  5 max, more by negotiation.



AGM split into 2 parts - an informative story telling/part early on in the programme and then the decision making/voting part later.

Part one: friday after peter

Part two: Sunday anytime, pref not straight after lunch

PiNZ PEG meeting?   Invite to Thursday night dinner and meetings. Backup if they can’t make it:  Sunday straight after lunch as a workshop session

New council first chat preferably after the event but depends on the availability of new members. 

Lillee to bring to 

Dave to write up blurb

Dave and Clare to invite PEG/ call trish/post invitations and avoid toes.


Pre-Hui F2F 

Options: deli eco village, quaker village, 

Timing 22April morning 10am until Thursday night.


Amendments to constitution need notification 30 days Before AGM

Dave to do 


Council stall at Hui

Trestle table and a couple of boards with posters on.  Place to receive nominations and sign up for specific jobs.  

Dave to coordinate

Clare to colour coordinate and get display boards. 

Table stand and posters DONE



350 - 500 rough ballpark numbers.

Strong keenness at last convergence to have the next one here.  Need to make a decision on this by mid April?  Could delay the decision until our it has been discussed at our National Hui.  

Some keenness to delay until 2024 in order to strengthen organisation and consolidate Hui processes and make a quality event.  Discussion to be had again at the next voice meet. Venue needs to be a marae or PC farm? 

All to think on this and discuss again at voice meet.




Convergence and conference …. Big event.. Many people… much money and organisation involved.  

Bring to National Hui - include on council stand

Mention on council stand and sharing session


Next national Hui

Potential locations: whakatane, Dunedin? Others?? Do some publicity around that so it's a more informed decision at the Hui.

Robina to write a blurb about what is required in a Hui team.  Send to Dave to post on facebook (and james) 



PiNZ is moving to a more business level ….


PiNZ Treasurer's report 21/02/2019


Chair Report


Secretaries Report


Marketing notes: