2020 Dec Action Day Meeting

Date of Meeting: 
Thursday, December 10, 2020


Date:  10/dec/2020      Meeting type: Action Day

           Present:   Clare, Dave, Donna, Leo, Lillee,

   Apologies:   -    Start time: 9:00     Finishtime: 15:00




Discussion and decision (if any)

Who’s doing it?


Tikanga Review

Reviewing council tikanga points, discussion.

What will we do differently considering the tikanga after this session:
Leo: practice having a high level perspective balanced being present as an individual.
Dave: how to facilitate in a way which will uphold the tikanga. Consider the Permaculture Prime Directive
Donna: go hundy on diversity and opinions and to praise what she wants to see more of
Lillee: go softer not harder

Clare: read Tikanga before each meeting, be honest and present when breaching tikanga

Clare facilitating

Finished at 10:45


2nd session 11 - 11:55


Breakout session parallel
, Clare Leo Lillee

Email Addresses and systems.

  • Communicate the privacy act, info storage to members. policy.

  • Getting memebership@permaculture… functional for donna. So that all info comes from legit addresses.

  • One of the other emails that we have are Treasurer@permaculture...


Session ends at 11:55

Breakout session parallel

SGM decisions

Should we have an sgm online or just wait 4 months for the agm.


Breakout session parallel

Comms plan


3rd session 1 - 2


Parallel Donna, Leo: stakeholder relationships


Lillee, Dave: Hui Planning

Local over national hui with encouragement for regions to gather as well.
Or rather there is a dispersed-national-hui.
Online content support and development for hui content.

Goals for when to have details of online content possibly as early as the end of january.
This stuff will be good to have nailed down for when we are calling members.


Lillee Dave


Clare: financial system planning

It is possible to use all of our software as well as link up with xero with federated mountain club as an example of this working.

Clare is looking into this.



Proposal: Invite both PEG and non-PEG affiliated PDC Graduates to be offered a standard 10 dollar membership for the first year.

Should we run this by PEG? Or is it not something to run past PEG.

This group passed that.

learners/graduates have a teacher code that they can 



Proposal: call a hui between PEG and PiNZ, facilitated by Ron Taiapa.

Possibly, PEG being in touch monthly.

Easiest time for this hui is a face to face immediately prior to the Whanganui Hui.

Donna making a call to PEG


Proposal: minimum councillor term of 2 years and a maximum councillor term of 6 years.

The 2 year minimum has been passed already.
Could we write it up along with the 6 year maximum along with anything else to do with terms in a one pager to take to the AGM.

Could we have a advisors council for kaumatua and one for youth/rangatahi

Dave to draft up proposals and then we look at it together.