2020 Apr Voice Meeting

Date of Meeting: 
Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Date:8/4/20                    Meeting type:  voice meet

Present:  James (minutes) Dave, Lillee, Clare, Robina, Sean, Jenny-Kaye

Apologies: none               Start time: 7:00       Finishtime: 9:00


Other items



To be followed up by


Minutes from last voice meet passed

Dave moves to approve minutes. Shine seconded. All in favour



Dave has done research and there are options, some of them require $$ investment.  And is confident that it could be good.  Free version could be based on google form and then results are collated - could be tricky this way to check if those folk are members - solution: email only to members.  We could make videos to explain various proposals and participants could view and vote at leisure within e.g. a week.  Pay versions could have built in filters to ensure only members can vote estimated to be in hundreds of dollars.

Dave proposes that we do an online AGM - all in favour.  Much detail still to be worked out. 

Potentially able to run AGM voting and discussion from our website - to be explored with Pete.  Has potential.

Dave to look into it further, Clare to help out.



Intention is to share basic reports - chair, treasurer

, PEG, membership secretary.  Reminder: that to participate in AGM they need to be members.   Plus share the intention to run AGM online within the next 3 months with the promise of more detail to come.

Proposal from Robina to include a paragraph from a range of people relating to resilience and response.

PEG report from Dee to include.

15th April is the cutoff date for input for the Newsletter.  To go out a few days later.

Shine to send membership numbers to Dave.  Dave to write chair report.  Clare to write the treasurer's report.

Clare to set up google form to invite potential councilors.  To be bounced off Robina and James.

Lillee to invite Hui team to submit a paragraph for the newsletter

Robina to write introduction to newsletter with Lillee


Bioregional contacts - where to from here?

Proposal to put report in newsletter - not seen as worthwhile due to lack of solid progress.

JK to keep chipping away at this


Council direction

Not to be discussed now.  Full day meeting on the 23 April. 


Trello Use

Not to be discussed now.  Full day meeting on the 23 April.