2020 Apr Action Day

Date of Meeting: 
Thursday, April 23, 2020


Date: 23 April 2020                    Meeting type:  Action Day

Present:  James (minutes) Dave, Clare, Robina, Sean, Jenny-Kaye

Apologies: none               Start time: 9:00am       Finishtime: 9:00


Other items






Agenda setting

For day


PINZ Council direction - All

AGM and opportunities - Clare and Dave

PINZ Living Strategy - Dave

Levels of work: how we approach systems within PiNZ - All

Ie. the accounting system, online payments, website, hui registration, membership maintenance, newsletter and keeping track of it all through Trello

Facebook memes to get more members - anybody got any ideas? - Robina, Shine

Membership issues - logging in, duplicate accounts, pending members etc - Shine

PDC Grads Memberships - Shine, Robina

PiNZ response to COVID 19…how to support the community and new FB members. What opportunities do we see now and when the new normal comes to play? - All


PiNZ response to covid 19


Finance and 

Proposal that: pinz removes options of credit cards for membership and hui payments excluding auto renew payments and that we request a bank to bank transfer for all other payments to pinz.  James second, all in favour.


Decision making subgroup- Dave and James

Link to g drive from this discussion 


Facebook theme idea

Starting with principles as prompts 


Robina to write up framings




JK, James, Robina



Online use doc for this management tool