2019 Oct Action Day Meeting

Date of Meeting: 
Thursday, October 17, 2019


Date:  17/10/19          Meeting type: Zoom/work from home Hybrid day

Present:  Dave, Jenny-Kaye, Clare, Sean, Lillee, James (minutes), Robina

Apologies: -           Start time: 9am       Finishtime: 4:30


Discussion and decision (if any)

Who’s doing what?


Personal Check Ins


Charities report

Confirming that the treasurer is the person to file the treasurer’s report 


Jenny Kaye Membership database update

Review of what's working and whats not done by Jenny-kaye’s partner 


Southland Hui

Robina has received a request for typed up records of Hui sessions.  There has been one done, some others are possible - to put audio up on the PiNZ website?

Thank you email suggested by Robina

Clare has shared final hui accounts - some discussion around budgeting lessons learnt from last hui to go forward to subsequent Hui.

Lilee to put shout out on the next website for volys to transcribe audio.  

Robina to draft, bounce off council today and send out along with the 10% payment. 


Whanganui Hui update

Lillee - Lindy transitioning out for a few months, Fiona has been transitioning in to take that role, Trello board has been set up.  Some frustrations there around the crew on the ground …..sketchy connection with LIllee, will resume this conversation later with better connection.

Share trello board with pinz so we can see how things are rolling


Work we’re interested in doing today

Jenny-Kaye - Bioregional contacts.   Peg

Robina : Bioregions.  Peg, hui thank you letter, Hui conversation.

LiIlee: Peg

Sean: membership stuff with Clare

Dave: constitutional reform, organisational map, reporting, chair responsibilities type things

James: email check, rationalise trello/g docs/

Clare: financial policy

1:30 check in on Zoom


Claire has 


Hui update continued from earlier oni

Lillee shared Trello board


Clare asks Pete how much it will cost to tidy up the payment system for the Hui - all in favour.


Other items



PiNZ Treasurer's report 21/02/2019


Chair Report


Secretaries Report