2019 Nov Voice Meeting

Date of Meeting: 
Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Date:         20/11/19                Meeting type:  Voice

Present:  James(minutes), Dave, Sean, Clare, Jenny-Kaye

Apologies: Lillee                       Start time:   8:05    Finish time: 10:22


Last meetings minutes


Discussion and decision (if any)




From the action day - dave moved to accept them clare seconded 




Matters Arising


Discussion and decision (if any)

Who’s doing what?


Pete - cost to smooth out payment process

Clare to check in with cost to do this


Other items



Dave proposed to print 150 brochures  - all in favour.

Dave to print


Membership database  streamlining process.

Update from Sean - there are issues with paid memberships that have expired but memberships persisting on the system.  Clare checked in re: full  access to Pete - all in favour.

Clare and sean to move this forward with Pete and check in with council if/as needed.h


Membership Strategy

Online promotion role - Lillee put her hand up for this, needs following up on.  

Need to formalise paid role for online promotion-  Dave


Water quality 

Propose that a specialist in the field or at least one member of council (inc wisdom group).  All in favour. 

James to see if the opportunity still exists and forward to to Gary and Kama


Post Hui impact report proposal

Clare - suggesting to include some kind of after the fact, longer term impact report that is presented along with the financials for the year at the following.  

Clare to take this forward.


Responding to the Riverton email 

Unhappy email from Riverton regarding financial transparency clarity.

Dave and Clare to be in touch and draft a reply. 


Advisory/wisdom group

Dave has drafted letter to potential elders.

Dave to send James the list to email it out (to about 12 at this stage)


Economic strategy

Potential for funding for paid roles  - general discussion.


Potential Roles to go to membership to fill

  • Database maintenance - Sean wants to get his head around this first.

  • Website team - 

  • Social media role (assuming at this stage that Lillee is on this)

  • Hui Liaison support/assistant/trainee?

Dave to draft the website team job description.


Hui update

Dave to check in with Lillee for an update



Upcoming  meetings

Dec 19            Thursday - Action day proposal to move this to the following day - Friday 20th

Jan 15             Voice meet

Feb 11 - 14      Face to face

March 18         Voice meet

April 24 - 27th  Hui