2017 June F2F

Date of Meeting: 
Sunday, June 25, 2017

PINZ Council Meeting Minutes

Day 1 F2F 24/06/2017 9am Eco Matters, Auckland

Attendees: Nandor Tanczos (Chairman) Alandra Bryant (Secretary) Sean Murphy (Treasurer) Guenther Andrasko, Robina Mc Curdy, James Andrews, Kharen Hope minute taker, Lillee Star, Louise Shaw.

Apologies: None

Team building- (including Belbin roles) Group culture / expectations We shared our Belbin roles in order to understand our strengths as a group and potential gaps. The Belbin roles showed as a group we have strengths across all the roles that make a strong team. Roles the council needs or may need Initial discussions included a range of concepts, which were refined in later priority setting exercise.

Mandatory Roles-These roles were agreed at the first phone meeting. Role change at this meeting for Secretary. Kharen – stepping down as can’t fit in around work, Alandra prepared to step into role.

Review PINZ vision and strategy Nandor presented the member endorsed strategy. The group used the earlier strengths exercise and role discussions to focus in on the areas of the strategy we feel able to put into effect as a first step of implementing the strategy. The group noted it was important to add in focus on politics to the objectives, when the opportunity arises to refine the strategy with the membership.

International Permaculture Convergence India - Sponsorship Proposal to set up a give a little page to fund raise to send a person to the IPC on the condition they report back on how the knowledge gained with benefit their community.

Call for applications to the Pacific – work with Australia. Draft criteria for selection in existence – source from previous work.

Oceania Convergence 2019- There was an update on current planning. We will seek funding for attendance at the Oceania for Pacific Communities. 2018 Hui Having explored having the 2018 Hui in the South Island but there being no group currently ready to host the Hui, it is now confirmed for Bay of Plenty. Lou to work as Liaison with Robina’s support.