2016 AGM

Date of Meeting: 
Sunday, April 24, 2016
  • 2016 AGM

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Permaculture in New Zealand (PiNZ)


Annual General Meeting (AGM)


24 April 2016 at 1.30 pm


Epworth Retreat, Lake Karapiro


  1. Present:


Enter names from attendance list.


  1. Apologies


Graeme North, Danielle de Wester, Daniel Strype


  1. Minutes of last AGM


The minutes of the last AGM held at ???? in Christchurch on ????? were read. Moved Floyd Driver, seconded Nandor Tanczos that these be accepted. Carried.


  1. Chairperson’s Report


Nandor spoke to his Chairperson’s Report. The Council was short of two people this year. A major focus was the website. Tara is doing the design and Richard the maintenance, Strypy is the Coordinator (being paid 4 hours/week for 6 months). There are a range of people involved in the development including Pete Davies (Fuzion) and Bill Naylor. Nandor has been dealing with the bank regarding on-line payments. When the new site is up, people joining will get an automatic welcome letter. When membership is due for renewal, a reminder will automatically be sent. The new website will be up and running within 6 months.


More domain names have been secured: Permaculture.nz and sub-domains; permaculture.co.nz and kai.org.nz.


Nick offered his services as a web developer.


This year’s hui was very late being organized as a host did not come forward. A big thank you to Waikato for taking it on when asked to by the Council.


Northland has offered to host the 2017 hui. It has also been proposed that the Australasian Permaculture Convergence be held in Auckland in 2018 (co-ordinated by Auckland Permaculture Workshop?). Our case needs to be put forward at the APC in Perth in September. Robina said she will do so as she will be attending. Yotam said he would be willing to grow the food for the APC.


Moved Trish, seconded Jo that the Chairperson’s Report be accepted. Carried.


  1. Treasurer’s Report


In the absence of the Treasurer, Jocelyn presented the Treasurer’s Report. The profit from the hui was queried. This information is unclear because figures from last year’s hui and this year’s hui are not separate. Also some of the income for this year’s hui is reported in the Accounts to 31.3.16, but the associated expenses will fall in the next financial year. However members can look at the detail in Permaculture Aotearoa on co-activate.org. They just need to apply to join, and be approved first.


A system will be set up so that hui profits can be reported on each year.


It was noted that PiNZ is not registered for GST.


Moved Trish, seconded Jo that the Financial Report be accepted. Carried.


  1. Election of Officers


Nandor said that the following roles were needed on the Council: Treasurer, Mana Whenua Officer, Website Wrangler, Bio-regional person, and Membership Secretary.


Nandor vacated the chair and Richard took over for the election of officers.


Existing committee members Nandor, Cheryl, Jocelyn and Floyd are willing to stand again. Linnea Lindstrom of Wellington was nominated by Gary, seconded Cheryl. Kama Burwell was nominated by Trish, seconded Jo.


All were elected by a show of hands.


Robina McCurdy offered to be Hui Liaison Person (co-opted).


Clare Wimmer offered to do the accounts (co-opted) so long as she could use her own software and did not have to attend meetings.


Jo Pearsall offered to be Bio-Regional Contact (co-opted).


  1. General Business




Tara gave a powerpoint presentation showing what the new website will look like. Jo asked that international links and information be included.


Next Hui


Floyd Driver offered to host the 2017 hui in Kaiwaka, Northland. Robina suggested Dunedin. This will be finalized tomorrow. NOTE: the following day it was agreed that Northland would host the next hui.