2014 AGM

Date of Meeting: 
Friday, April 25, 2014
  • 2014 AGM

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25/4/14 PiNZ AGM Tapu Te Ranga Marae 3:10pm



Nandor Tanczos, Cheryl Noble, Floyd Driver, Wendy Palmer, Danielle De Webster, Jocelyn Winters,*


Sarah Adams,  John Allan, Trish Allen,  Guenther Andraschko, Cathy Angell, Kay Baxter, Emily Birt, Julia Cardwell, Lisa Cunningham, Kerrie Curtin, Tom Curtin, Charles Davenport, Gerald Davidson,   Hilary Duinker, Kaye Maree Dunn, Dimitri Edwards, Ibrahim Elmetri, Patrick Filoche, Catherine Firth, Jay Fitton, Leo Gedye. Mirja Gier, Russell Golding, Richard Grevers+, Sam Halberg, Avril Hamlin, Tim Holman, Jonny Holtom, Natalie Hormann, David Hughes, Amme Hiser, Bryan Innes, Ami Kennedy, Mika Kimura, Matt King, Margaret Kwok, Chris Lenth, Linnea Lindstroem, Daniel McClellan, Andy Mitchell, Richard Morrison, Christian Muller, Stephen Parry, Jo Pearsall, Denise Petit, Colin Robertson, Penny Russell, Suzie Schwartz, Toby Schweikert, Logan Searle,  Richard Self,  Zoe Sharp,  Joe Simmonds,  Andrew Stephenson, Petra Stephenson, Dee Turner, Rainer Uretz,  Cam Valentine,   Sanne van Biessum,   Sucinno Vermeltfoort, James Wai Wai,  Patricia Widener, Christian Williams, Emily Williams, Gary Williams, Trevor Witt,  Vanessa Witt,  &   Yinglie Zhang,

Apologies: Strypey, Jorgette Maaka.


Minutes from AGM 2013 (viewable on website for the last year) screened and summarised by chair.

Creation of Manawhenua role important and Jorgette has written the job description.

"That the minutes be accepted as true and accurate" Wendy Palmer / Floyd Driver- passed unanimously

Reports of council officers:

Chair report (see on website) summarised by Nandor:


  • The website is a strategically important for us; for archives, research, voting, etc.

  • We need to have good resources (eg online wiki doc) for the hui organising team. Clarify key objectives of the hui. Workshops and skill-sharing have become important.

  • 10 year strategy – many challenges especially as we grow.

  • Protecting PC integrity eg Nelson's summary of what permaculture is.

  • Logo for PiNZ. The old logo is complex and difficult to down-size. An online preferential voting system will be set up after the hui for members to vote for one designer to finalise logo design according to comments received through comment box at hui and online.

    "That the Chairman's report be accepted" Richard Grevers / Trish Allen accepted unanimously


Financial report by Jocelyn Winters: screened and summarised.


  • Crowd funding $1106 Givealittle for International Permaculture Convergence, Cuba. We funded Paulina Chaverri Pollini from Costa Rica.

  • Membership is our main income source. Council travel for face-to-face meetings and website main expenses. $13521.53 balance in total. There was a discussion about reducing the cost of Face to Face meetings and Nandor explained our decision to try meeting only three times a year instead of four.

  • Is there enough money for the projects planned? Seed funding for start-up projects? (Questions from the floor.) Strategic plan will budget for future available money. Jocelyn Winter / Linnea Lindstrom accepted unanimously


Jo Pearsall advised that the Community Wealth Pool has been set up- as agreed at 2013 PiNZ hui. It is called Permaculture Project Pool, Kiwibank account 38-9015-0026538-00 (Kiwibank). It has been kicked off with $$ from Permaculture Aotearoa Trust (Trustees, Trish, Jo and Bryan). Anyone who wants to join can contact Bryan (bryan@ecoshow.co.nz) for the agreements or questions 021799056.

When you join and make regular payments to the account you get a monthly notice of all activity with the account. You can apply to use funds from this account and the other members of the group discuss the request and and arrangement is made. Fundamentally it incurs concurrent purchase payments and contributions, so that as you make purchase payments the funds are in the account and available to other members. Once you have fulfilled your obligations, then you can withdraw your money- or leave it longer for others to use and prepare for another purchase for yourself.


PEG Report:


  • Cheryl Noble (PEG member on council as “education officer) has posted her report on the website.


Website report by Richard (on behalf of Strypey):

  •  Two main aspects to the year:

1) Selection and implementation of CiviCRM open-source contact management systems.

2) Dealing with unwanted traffic (form overseas), deflecting some by means of Cloudflare CDN, may have to host website offshore for a time.

 Future plans:

  • Publishing diploma resources is next.

  • Switch the event listing system to Civievents.

  • 2015 hui to be fully ticketed through PiNZ website,

  • Bioregional hubs and Interest groups implemented via Organic Groups,

  • Discourse module, providing the ability to interact with forums through email,

  • support for joint members and professional members,

  • redevelopment of the resources section of the site (e.g. resources for schools, "What is permaculture" resources),


Newsletter report by Floyd Driver on website:



Council Elections:

  • Vote of thanks to Strypey for his long, valuable service on council and to Jorgette Maaka for her contributions during her year on council.

  • Council requirements include 8 telehui and 3 face-to-face meetings per year (one being the hui).

  • A Treasurer needed as Joc is stepping away from this role after four years.

  • Sucinno Vermeltfoort - Wellington Nominated by self / Danielle De Webster

  • Joe Simmonds -Wellington Margaret Kwok / Kaye Maree Dunn

    Joe to be co-opted providing he completes a PDC within the next 6 months elected unanimously

  • All existing council members nominated and reelected (except Strypey & Jorgette)

    Trish Allen / Jo Pearsall elected unanimously

2015 hui.

  • Members are invited to think about hosting over the weekend. Council has a strong preference for the South Island as there has not been one there for a while. At least three members from the bioregion need to be here at this hui. To be decided at the poroporoaki.​

    Other events to consider:

  • 2016 hui location

  • Next APC in NW Tasmania March 2015

  • Next IPC in UK August 2015

  • Australasian Permaculture Convergence in NZ 2019


Closed 4:10pm