Website progress

At the National Hui on ANZAC Weekend, we set a timeframe of six months to get the new look website in place.
As the 25th of October has approached and passed, how are we doing? The answer is that we're not quite there but have made major progress and are getting close to a launch point.

Web Team Coordinator - End of Contract Report

I have been involved in discussions about improving the PiNZ website at since about 2009, when I set up the Aotearoa Permaculture Network project on to provide email lists for bioregional networks, intending to supplement the forum and events calendar offered by the existing website. I became more actively involved in 2012 when I joined the PiNZ Council.

Website Project Reaches Milestone

Since it first moved recirds from paper to digital form, PiNZ ha had to work with disparate systems: Website, membership database (a spreadsheet), Google group, newsletter list - none have been connected. Which of course creates extra work, and sees people fall through the cracks.

In order to bring everything under one roof, webmaster Richard Grevers has been implementing civiCRM, a Contact Relationship Manager which is open-source and specifically deigned for non-profit organisations. CiviCRM plugs in to the Drupal-based website.

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